6 Month Pregnant And My Boyfriends Left Me

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Katie - March 14

Im so down I don't know what to do, Ive been breaking down in tears every day since things went wrong with me and my boyfriend. Im only 17 and 6 month pregnant he just left without a reason, I think he has met someone else and I just dont know what to do with myself!


sympathy - March 14

Katie, that's a real bummer! It's not your fault. Part of it is that he has gotten scared of the responsibility of parenting and he is trying to walk away from it. You don't have that option. I hope your family and other support systems are in place. You will handle this just fine. If he has that little sense of responsibility, why he wasn't a keeper anyway. And there's always the chance that if you keep your cool, he will change his mind and come back. Put a smile on your face, look the world in the eye, step out and do your best! Your baby needs a happy and confident mom!


Brown Shuga - March 15

Katie, I know it hurts. When I was about 5 months pregnant my boyfriend left me too. People will tell you to forget about it and just move on but that's d__n near impossible when you have half of him growing inside of you. I am now 7 months pregnant and I still hate him but it doesnt hurt that much anymore. I used to cry my self to sleep at night, wake up in the middle of the night crying, and even wake up in the morning crying. I know you've heard "time heals all wounds". It really does, you just have to be patient.


singlemom2be - March 15

There are lots of very happy children in the world and many of them are raised by single moms. I left my babies dad when I was almost 3 months pregnant and called off any marriage plans when I found out that he was involved in white-coller crime. We have to take care of our babies, and keep them in a safe, positive, and optimistic environment. Since the emergence of human civilization, it has always been women caring for children with the help of other women. If he comes around and has something positive to offer, then great for all three of you! If he does not, then you and the baby are better off without him anyway. I know it's hard to end a love relationship, but your baby needs you to be devoted to him! Good luck, and nurture the mother in you. :-)


Katie - March 24

Thank you for all your answers, I dont think its responsibility that has made him go as he has 2 kids with his ex girlfriend and loves them so much, n was really excited about this one! Brown Shuga that is exactly how im feeling right now, and I know time heals I guess this is going to take longer with the hormones and as u said apart of him growing inside of me is a reminder. Thanks again


sakhmet - March 24

Katie, I am 28 with 2 boys already and my BF left me when I was 5 mths preg. too, for no reason, well he said he wasn't romantically attracted to me anymore. If you want someone to talk to you can email me anytime you want. I am almost 8 mths pregnant and haven't heard from him since. I was taking antidepressant pills, crying all the time, wailing when songs I heard came on the radio. And Brownsuga's right, it does get better with time. I found that you have a process....grieve, get angry, cope, and then be happy with the baby your body is creating. Sure its a PART of him, "but its easier to get angry now" its a TINY LITTLE part. Your body does all the rest from now on, and you should be p__sed off that he left you to do this alone. Believe me, its gonna take some time, surround yourself with those who care about you. They will convince you what a shmuck he is, and your crying will start to become less and less. And if he has met someone else, may GOD have pity on her too. Cuz he sounds like a drifter anyway. Specially if he has two other kiddos out there. You might just be better off without him in the long run. chin up, and remember if it gets to much, and you wanna chat with someone whose doing it alone too. And knows exactly what you are going through email me, [email protected]


Momof2and1onthway - March 27

Katie I know exactly how you feel. I am 28 yrs old and have two girls from a previous marriage and now pregnant with my third. I was engaged to be married and everything was great until he one day said he is not in love with me anymore and left. He doesnt want the baby or anything to do with it. There are many days I am depressed because I dont have a job because nobody will hire me pregnant and I dont know how im going to raise a third child. Being scared is something I am everyday but I know with time that things will get better and that I am the only one this baby can depend on and love because nobody could give the baby the love and support that it needs but its mommy. Dont give up and stay as strong as you can.


Cat - March 28

to momo: you need to just hang in there. as soon as your baby is born file for child support make sure he takes care of this baby good luck to you


Ray - March 31

You'll have someone else to think about soon so just focus on that.


Hailea - April 6

dnt worry bout it babe u wil make it try not 2 get upset jus think of ur self n da little 1. i am 6 and a half months pregnent myself and am 17 so i really feel for you hun. keep ur head up high n try 2 keep smilein. xxxxxxx


yessenia - April 7

sweety im so sorry to hear that....just know that you will do great and think of that Baby and all the joy he/she will bring into your life. More joy then a man could ever give!


just_a_girl_33 - April 8

Katie, I totally understand what your going through. I'm 33 years old, divorced mother of 2 boys and 6 1/2 months pregnant from my now ex-boyfriend. Since the day I told him that I was pregnant he has treated me really distant. Although he seems to be happy about the baby around other people, but around me it's like whatever. As a matter of fact he has told he such nasty things since the day I told him about the baby. he broke up with me the other day and has not attempted to call or anything. Like I said this has been going on already for over 6 months and I've already gone through the crying, not wanting to live without him, depressed, and mixed emotions that we have to go through. I'm now just hurt and a bit angry with the thought that how can a man who says lets have a baby and I would like to add we were engaged twice, just become so cold and heartless. I know that he talks to other women as a matter of fact they've been going to his house even when we were together. And although I got angry he would yell at me and then tell me to go home instead of them. Things will get better for you I promise. There is just a process that we as human beings have to go through to get over this mess that we have gotten ourselves into. The sun will shine on you once again, once your ready for it. Good luck....


Brttany - April 14

Don't break down because when your disappointed that affects the baby and he probly left you because he could'nt handle you being pregnant and he got another girlfriend because he probly want s_xual activity with her because your pregnant and he may think it will affect the baby he don't care to much for her but don't get up set affect the life inside of you


sun shine - April 14

Dear katie... I must admit i felt sorry for you until i read your thank you note to everyone that gave you support. Dont get me wrong i think you need to be as strong as you can be and lift your head up high. I hope you graduted high school and are planning to work hard to earn at least a two year college degree and work to help your self and your baby. I think the best thing to do is to get a job in a hospital or somesort of a company that has benefits and will send you to night college and pay for it. You must keep a "C" average and they will pay sometimes at 100%. And that should help ur finances. The other thing apply for state finacial support for child care and get make sure you have medical insuranse even if you apply for welfare. We pay enough tax to help us here in this country so take advantage untill u get on your feet. Now, The reseon i dont feel sorry for you anymore is because you should have known it was coming. for the love of god, he left his other girlfriend and his two other kids, what made you even think hell stay with you. Man he is so irresponsible its discusting. Please do me and your self a favor, Dont have anymore s_x without marrige and birth control. If you have another child sooner than 5 to 6 years you can really mess up your chances at a better life for the both of you now. And besides later in life youll be wiser and maybe youll meet the right man that will be there for you for ever as a husband. I wish you the best and I hope you stay strong. Hope you have a healthy dilevery. Ill keep u in my prayers


sun shine - April 14

ladies ladies ladies... What is wrong here the more I read the more I realize that the word HUSBAND is not much used.


~S~ - April 14

PS - In an ideal world, a woman would wait to start a family when she's finishes university with an amazing degree, finds an amazing job that pays very well, has all the benefits one could ever ask for, from her job, finds and marries the most amazing man that's faithful and mature x 1000, buys a nice beautiful house, with a white picket fence, owns possibly 2 vehicles, maybe one mini van and has a good clump of money stuffed in their savings, stocks and bonds....But, that's ideally. Some people are lucky to achieve that, but very few and the rest of us would only dream to one day have that. It's true that it's not impossible, but I believe things will happen when they happen and if they happen. Ya just gotta make the best of it and try your d__nest. =o)


April - April 15

I can't believe how many of you are having the same problem I am. It's good to know that I'm not alone, but at the same time it's sad that it has to happen to so many of us. I was 4 months pregnant when my boyfriend left me. He said he didn't want a relationship, now he's got a new girlfriend (although he won't admit they're together but it's obvious) I just happened to get pregnant by a drifter. I didn't know until after I was pregnant, but he had gotten the girl before me pregnant too.. but she lost hers. Now this new girl will probably be pregnant within a year and going through the same thing I am and I would LOVE to warn her, however I don't feel like it's my place... that and she knew I was pregnant when she started dating him so I figure any girl that dates a guy who dumps his pregnant girlfriend deserves what she gets... anyway... sakhmet was absolutely right about the process... those were the same steps I took to getting over what happened. It gets easier every day. I've now realized that it's him that's missing everything, and it's not my fault if his daughter doesn't know who he is. So just keep your head up... it's really hard right now.. but it WILL get better...



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