6 Weeks Pregnant And My Babie S Daddy Left A Month Ago

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Alexia - February 16

i am 17 and 6 weeks pregnant. my babie's daddy left town a month ago, and i have seen or heard from him since he left. it makes me so mad. now i don't know what to do. i can't tell him about my news if he isn't here. am i worng about the way i feel right now?i feel as if i will be raising this baby by myself.


melody - March 1

i think you should be mad because the baby's daddy not here.


candice - March 1

i know exactly how you feel i am 7 months pregnan and my boyfriend left me 2 months ago. he totally just turned it around on me.i tried to call him and he made m cry so i stopped and i felt better untill i called today and now i remember why i stopped calling.i keep telling myself that its his loss.


Audrey - March 1

Alexia- If the baby's father skipped town it makes me think that he doesn't care about anyone other than himself. It would probably be best that you keep strong and raise the child on your own, until you find someone worthwhile who's willing to help you. If the baby's father does show up again, make sure to ask him about his medical history, it's useful to know for genetic diseases. Best of luck!


sonia - March 4

I know how you feel am 17 but my boyfriend is in jail


think of the baby - March 9

Alexia- i can't imagine what you must feel like going through all this on your own- stay strong. think of the baby- if i were you i would seriosly consider putting your baby up for adoption- your baby deserves a mother and a father and a family that will be able to support him/her. you deserve a chance to find the right guy and and then start a family when there is a mother and a father that care jointly about the little one. think of the baby.


Alena - March 10



Babygirl - March 16

Sweety, every woman in the world has been there it just that he's a dead beat dad you don't need him children really need one mother in there lives and that's mommy don't feel down just give that baby all the love that you can I know it hurts that he left but there's really nothing you can do about it know. But i'm gonna tell you something I know that I don't know you but I believe that you can raise and educate and just teach your baby to be the little person that he/she can be so keep your head and stay strong.


connie - March 17

you should tell the father he has a rite2 no if he doesnt want anything 2do wiv you both then that is his loss all i can say is that you will regret giving your baby away i the future and you will have the support of freinds and family so go on gal do wot feels rite


Gia - March 18

Just get an abortion.


Krystal - March 31

Honey you dont need him! You will do just fine by your self but it will be hard dont get me wrong and he decides he want to be part of the babys life do let him thats the best thing u can do..I wish you luck...


cateran - April 10

Alexia, The first thing to do is look after the welfare of yourself and your child. Talk to your parents and seek medical support from the community. Relationships do not always progress the way we want or need. We can not control the hearts or actions of those we care about. I'd be glad to talk if you want. My e-mail is: [email protected] David


Angela - April 13

I know how it feels in a way my boyfriend is in the Marine Corps and hes gone all the time he won't even be here for his childs birth. Lately, I have came to the understanding he just wants his baby and not us. All I can tell you be strong and your blessings will come. Your baby is everything now! Never feel alone when raising this child "God" will never put more on you then you can bare remember that...I hope you have family support and good/true friends to help you along the way...I wish you the best of luck!!


crystal - April 14

I'm sorry to hear what u r going though, but were u and this guy in a relationship? and dont listen to gia about getting an abortion. Don't lose your baby just b/c of a stupid man. and dont worry about raising a baby by your self, it's harder but so women do it, and u can do it too. I dont know if u belive in god but u should pray,and ask him to help u though this.


Mikaela - May 3

The daddy doesn't know that your pregnant right. You said that you weren't able to share the news with him. You have every right to be upset "you're pregnant!" You might just be raising this baby by yourself. Be strong in the fact that you can do it and should you see or hear from him again tell him the news. Just remember a mother can do just about anything.


Marcie - May 20

Alexia, Have you considered adoption? I am 39 years old and just adopted my first baby boy. I am so happy and so greatful to have him in my life. My husband and I were able to meet his birth parents and have photos of them for him when he grows up. My husband and I feel so blessed that the birth parents picked us to raise their baby as our own. I will tell my son some day how brave and special his birth parents were to make such a difficult decision all for his sake and future. I am a first time parent and I am here to tell you that being a parent is the hardest job in the world. It takes constant care and lots of support. I don't want to tell you what to do, I just want to present an option to you. Good Luck to you and may God Bless you and your baby.


April - July 6

I am eight weeks pregnant and broke things off wih my baby's father 3 weeks ago, and let me tell you, I feel so much lighter. I am 26 years old and feeling alone, I can understand! If it wans't for my family who has been supporting me, i don't know where I would be, but if he doesn't want to own up to what HE had helped create, then you can raise that baby on your own. And believe me, have faith and believe that you can, and everything will be alright!!!!!!!



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