7months Pregnant Alone And Dumped

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Joanne - December 8

I was dating a guy for about 4 months before I found out that I was pregnant. When I found out, we were in shock. My boyfriend told me that if I didn't have an abortion, he wouldn't be around. He had no intentions of ever being a father and that my decision to keep this baby was a selfish one. He told me that I didnt see the "big picture" and that I was being a fool for even thinking of keeping my baby. He made me feel horrible.Needless to say, I decided to keep my baby, though my boyfriend almost convinced me to abort it. I am now so lonely, he kept his word and broke up with me. I am very depressed and find it hard to get through everyday. I think about my ex all of the time and miss him as crazy as that sounds. He treated me like c__p, so I'm not sure why I can't get over him. On top of that he already has another girlfriend.He is 33 and I'm 28, and I'm terrified of being a single mother. I just really need advice from anyone who can relate to my situation. My life just seems like one big nightmare and I'm so depressed. I should be happy about my pregnancy, but I'm just the opposite. I feel ashamed even thinking this way, but I do. Can anybody give me advice or relate?


.... - December 8

How many weeks are you? The same thing happened to me, except my ex didn't tell me to get an abortion. He actually wouldn't take me to get an abortion. He just disappeared. He lives with another woman now, who has children of her own. Everytime I look down I see my gigantic belly and can't help by think about him! That was until recently. It took me 35 weeks to get over that SOB. It takes a really long time. Or it took me a really long time. Once you heal though I think it makes you so much stronger. I don't think most women WANT to be single parents. I never did, but it happens. I now just try and focus on all the positive things in my life. This powerful life force that I'm carrying around with me and all the amazing things I'll teach my daughter. Honestly, my ex was an a__s and we are soo much better off without him. He was a negative force. Just have faith that you can get through it and when you do the suffering and pain you feel now will only amount to sheer joy. There is a buddist saying, "yuo can not experience true joy if you never experience suffering." I really believe that now.


Joanne - December 8

Thank you so much:) I am 29 weeks pregnant, and I know that eventually this pain will be over, but right now nothing seems to help. My ex is also an a__s, and I know that this is his loss. There are times that I just feel absolutely crazy, all I want is for him to want his son in his life, but I know that will never happen. I just don't understand people sometimes. What could possibly be more important than your own child. Oh well, what can I do? Good luck with your situation, sounds like we are on the same boat:) Thanks again for your response.


Joanne - December 8

Thank you so much:) I am 29 weeks. It helps to hear from other people that are in my same situation. Thanks again:)


Bella - December 8

I was in your situation earlier this year (2005). I found out I was pregnant on Jan 30th and by Feb 10th he called it off. We had been together almost 6 months. The baby was born on Oct 15th, a beautiful little girl, just what I wanted. I'm back at work, the baby goes to a babysitter for daycare and we are making it without him. Yes, it hurts. It's stunning how a person can walk out on their own child, but I'm coping with the pain. I'm coming to terms with the situation slowly. You will too. [email protected]


Paula - December 9

Sweety, men are jerks and in the long run things will work out for the best. Best of luck to you!


emmapeattie - December 10

I relate to your situation. I am 36 weeks pregnant and my partner has just walked out on me - he refuses to talk to me now. We are both married. My marriage split up over this relationship and he was going to leave his wife but couldnt quite go through with it. The worst things is everybody thinks the pregnancy was an accident but we planned it to help us be together. I feel so stupid now and very depressed and dont konw how i can get through this.


Evica - December 11

My dear you are not alone.I also dated the father of my 2nd baby for 4 mnths and he did me the same way.I'm an African and live in Africa.My first child was born in the U.S. and her father is an American.This baby father is a Nigerian.Men all over this world r the same.One good thing is if you take a stand for God he will take a stand for you.My family have been a great inspiration and God has been my source of strength.Joy is sure to come for us.God is on our side so to all the single moms lets continue to pray in accordance to his word.There's a father for every child out there that needs one.God is the best person to lead us to them.Trust in the lord and lean not on your own Understanding.If anyone of you would like to join a prayerteam with me please contact me @[email protected] Bless all of you.


g - December 11

Well I do ok when i keep myself busy but like just now i saw a love seen on tv and all i can think about is my ex and his women. Especilly the one he moved in while we were dating, gave me the key and ssaid drop by. But i never did. He moved the girl in that week he wanted me to walk in on them(isn't that sick???)-oh but he's trying to say they are just friends and he's helpin her out-I that i wouldnt of seen anything. But my sources say different. So he has said mean things, always cheated and so much more i wont get into. I dont know these women and he's gonna start taking our child to visit him over there. Scares me. His choices in his lovers are very very bad. Then i'm gonna have this baby when he's born around them. Through all this shouldn't my feelings for him be completly gone? They were once gone before and we started things back up after a long time and ughh they are back. Maybe its also because i got played once again? Or because i don't want to be alone again? Sorry it so long. I can relate to you all. Good luck to all.My life is overall great, it's just the area with my kids father.


Jenn - December 13

Guys can be such jerks! Just try to keep your head up.


Tiffnbaby - December 14

I as many other women I see here are in the same boat exept he wants his baby. He was exited when we found out and everything was fine we had even discussed marriage and a second child. Then Thanksgiving morning he decided to leave me. No reasons as to why, I think I know. He had been hanging out with some stripper b***h and I think she had alot to do with it. He still says that he is going to be a father but how can I really believe that after him leaving me with nowhere else to go. I wish I could give you some advice but I still cry on a daily basis I am currently 30weeks pregnant and terrified of raising this baby alone. If you need anyone to talk to you can email me at [email protected]


g - December 14

I been trying to think of all the awful things he's done and said to me and that actually helps a little. I mean the thought of certain things groses me out then i feel myself pulling away from him. (little at a time)But its still hard Cuz i dont want to think of that but if i block it out-i will never get over him. Well dont you wish they would ban all those stripper and bar places? I think it makes the man have more excuses and even worse then usual! My ex was cheating on me no matter where he worked or went but he told me a few months ago that going and working at these places gives him more incentive to do it. YUCK!!!!NASTY!!!!!I to am here for who ever wants to talk.


amy_lily - December 14

I cannot give you advice only understanding. I am 25 years old and was dumped after becoming pregnant by a man I had had a relationship with on and off for 8 years. He too is now living with a 19 year old (hes 27). I also feel alone and have found out how quickly friends are now to busy to help. All I have is the fact that I know there are other women out there going through the same thing. best of luck, and be strong.


Stacia - December 17

Just know that you are not alone, we are all in similar situations. Stay strong for your baby.


000000 - December 17

To Tffnbaby: Why does she have to be a stripper Bit*h? If she was a lawyer would you say, "that lawyer bitc*?" What does a stripper have to do with being a bit*ch? Would you say a "nurse bit*h?" Trust me whenI tell you that that "stripper B" has a lot more problems that you could ever comprend.


jn - December 19

I can relate to you about your baby's father not wanting anything to do wit you or our child, I'm also pregnant, 35 wks. and 17. I'm kind of afraid of being a single mother because I'm still in school even though this is my last year my baby's father is making me feel like he doesn't even care even though we planned to have a baby together ( I know, kind of stupid to do that espically when I'm still in school, but my family has supported me and still is throughtout my whole pregnancy) and to tell you the truth, I miss him like crazy and pray and hope he changes his mind and wants to be in our child's life, but until then I try not to get stressed and you should try and do tha same thing because you really don't want to have your baby early. And now all you can really do is just pray and focus on having a healthy baby and hopefully things come around for you as well as me too.


Isabel - December 27

I am 29 weeks pregnant. I dated the guy for four months or so. He had another girlfriend. Because he had a girlfriend I also had someone else on the side. Unfortunately, I got pregnant. I am pretty confident the father is the first man (with the girlfriend) because I did take precautions with the other man but we did have an accident. I thought if I were honest with both of them, I would be doing the right thing. I told both of them the situation. Needless to say, I am basically alone. The guy with the girlfriend has not called for weeks and the other one calls once in a blue moon. I feel so foolish. I am 27 yrs old, single mother of an 8 yr old. It saddens me the thought of going thru yet another pregnancy alone and parenting alone again. His excuse for not being around is because Im not 100% sure which I somewhat understand but plenty of women would never have shared that information and its a shame the thought of him missing out on such a special time. Meanwhile, he is still with the girlfriend and I feel strongly he has no intentions on leaving her. She doesnt know anything about me. Help



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