8mos Preg Father Got Another Girl Preg Too

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heather0702 - March 26

i have been in an on again off again relationship with the father for the past 4 yrs. At one point we were engaged-however the relationship (i know now) will never work-i have recently found out he's has gotten another girl pregnant! she's almost 5 mos preggo and he started seeing her while we were apart! has anyone else been through this jerry springer type situation? I feel so bad bc i used to judge women in this particular situation so harshly and now i'm right in the midst of this-how do you deal with it? i'd just like to hear from anyone who has been through something similar or has any words of wisdom...thx


stephgts - March 26

I haven't been through this particular situation, BUT I have been dealing with a loser guy which is what your guy sounds like too. Personally, I would just let him go. My experience with reading this board is that your guy is likely to pick one of you to support or neither of you. Either way it's not a fair situation. Sorry if I sound harsh, like I said I've been dealing with a loser so my opinion might not be the best right now, lol. It's just how I feel though. How old is this guy? How old are you? Are you planning on getting him to pay child support?


ctgirl - March 27

I have never been in your situation, but so have some word of advise. As far as this man, you did not say if you still wanted to try to work things our with him? I am sure people have worked things out in these odd situations, and maybe one of you will be with him. But, on thing I know for sure is that no matter what, you should file for child support immediately. If you do not do it before this other girl, she will get a higher c/s payment then you. There is always a 1st child to support, then the system discounts the second. Even if you think there is a chance that he will stay with you, secure your childs future first. Hope things work out for you and congrats on your new baby soon to be here!


heather0702 - March 27

I do know that i have to let him go. He's unemployed, battling addiction with painkillers, and has a pending burglary conviction. He's 25 and I'm 26. We met when he was 21 and i was 22. He hasn't grown up at all. I had planned on getting him to pay for child support later on down the road-I'm very financially stable and think any way of avoiding dealing with him is best for me and my daughter's sanity-however i didn't realize that the first child gets a higher payment than the 2nd. that doesn't really make sense or seem fair. I now a lady who works as a child advocate so i guess i'll need to determine the laws here for GA. it really helps to talk about this because it makes it more clear to me what a dead beat he really has turned out to be. it helps to know i'm not alone!


krc - March 31

how is he handling this other girls pregnancy? Im just curious..does he ignore one or the other of you.



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