8wks Pregnant He Fell Out Of Love With Me

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michellecip24 - February 14

Hi everyone! I'm 25 and am now 8 wks pregnant and a single mother of a 8 year old son. I recently have told my boyfriend that i was pregnant, automatically he didnt want me anymore, and does not love me anymore or wants anything with the baby. He says he was not ready and we didnt plan this. What hurts the most is that we have been together for 2yrs and even lived together. i gave him a week to calm down, but within that week he met someone and i officially have seen it (worse thing to see) and claims he's in love with her now. He rather not work or move out of the country in order for me to not recieve child support, now let me say this he has a son already by someone else that he is not active in as well. (I know i should've of known). What also bothers me, is that i have to be pregnant and raise another child on my own again. I am working full time and going to school 5 days a week and raising my son. I dont know what to do. I am afraid how people will look at me, but my heart already loves this baby.....please i need some advice to keep me strong and move on


April - February 14

Your ex is an idiot. He's running. What I'm about to say is going to hurt, but once you realize this you'll be able to heal... this guy did not love you. He couldn't have done this to you if he did. My ex didn't love me either. It hurt when I realized that, but now I couldn't care less.. it was actually the realization of that that helped me move on. Your ex also doesn't love the girl he's with now. He's running, plain and simple. The girl he's with is bound to get hurt by him too, he's probably just using her as a way to get away from the baby (which is VERY sick). As for him not working in order for you to not receive child support.. he's got another thing coming.. they will either set his income at minimum wage or his earning capacity (they'll take his taxes and go by what he made at his last job, or is able to make). As for him skipping the country, I'm sure there's ways to get him for that too. Don't even waste brain space on this guy.. he's obviously not worth it. Any guy that would do this to ONE girl let alone TWO is just not even worth getting upset over. Since you have a son, you know how special babies are. So just focus on your son and your baby and forget about dillhole.


michellecip24 - February 15

I would like to thank April and ctgirl. What they both have said have made me a lil stronger and realize that if i took care of my son at a young age on my own, i can do it with this baby. As for my ex, it still hurts but its true, when someone really loves you would be there for you regardless the situation and for him to move on to someone else, just proves all he cares about are his needs, as well he using her as a distraction. I know i can pull through, it will take time and courage, but talking more about it and getting advice really helps... thank you again :)



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