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Aishah - September 9

On behalf of all the young, emotional, vunerable pregnant women that visit this site...I would like to tell you that I hate all of you who prey on these young girls like vultures. There are reputable adoption agencies that you can go to. Adopt a child from a poor country and give them a better life.but please its disgusting to read your constant trolling for a baby. This isnt RiteAid!!


Anne - September 9

LMAO.....I totally agree with Aishah. No one wants to be hit up for a baby. Get a life and some fertility pills and leave us alone.


New2Motherhood - September 9

My heart goes out to those who are stuggling with fertility issue, seriously. However, these girls are not to the point to have people who know what they want to sweep in like voltures! Time and again on here I see "Im scared and need advice" then the reply is "I'll take your baby." THAT IS SICK!!!! These girls need time to heal and make a level headed decision...PLEASE back off.


Grow up - September 10

The women that make posts for adopting, only do so when someone asks for it. So, have some compa__sion. If there is a post that says, "I don't want the baby, will someone adopt it", then God bless the people who respond. You obviously have no idea the cost of adoption. A lot of people search for a birthmother because it can be a lot easier for both parties to skip the agency that costs around $10,000 (and that's considered cheap). So, try being a little understanding towards others.


have to agree - September 10

with "to grow up" It seems that some of you are only reading the comments on thses threads. You haven't actually read alot of threads or you would know what we are talking about. Nicole/wannabe mommy and Cheryl/bctraveler are two of the worst.


Aisha - September 10

you took the words straight out of my mouth.


I agree - September 11

Perhaps it would be better if the people looking to adopt start a new thread called "Looking to adopt" and then if a girl was interested she could post there. This thread is "single and pregnant" and it is in VERY poor taste to prey upon these girls reaching out for our help. They need our support and if they were looking for someone to adopt their baby they will ask. Until then, back off!


Oh my Gosh! - September 11

I know what you are talking about - about that bctraveler bi%$h!! There was this one post where the mother was in an ify relationship - she was having twins - the dad wanted the kids and this bc bit^% was telling her to email her as she knew ways "around the father"??? WTF???? oooooooh - that made me sooo mad! So, yeah, there is nothing wrong with offering adoption if someone is clueless, but lines of deciet are definately being crossed!!!!


can't believe you b_____des! - September 18

I am 33 weeks pregnant (happily married and keeping it), but I know people who have been unable to conceive and are desperate for a child. As women obviously able to have your own children you will never understand that desperation. The mothering instinct is an overwhelming one, and the frustration can make people behave irrationally, believe me I have seen it. Yes, there are agencies to deal with adoption, but if you actually looked into it, you would realise how lengthy and expensive the process is, with no guarantee of a baby at the end of it. I am not saying it is appropriate to be asking these girls for their babies, but for you to say "you hate them" is much, much worse. You women really do need to grow up as that other post said, and try to put yourselves into those womens' shoes. You should count your blessings you have children of your own, and just try for a moment to think how you might feel after years of trying with no luck. Just to stress my point here, I will repeat I don't think it is right for these women to be asking for these babies, but your att_tude of hatred towards them sickens me, and defeats the purpose of this forum where women come for advice and support. The things you have said here are miuch worse than anyone offering to take someones baby for them.


jp - September 18

The att_tude and hatred comes from the way certain (not all) people are going about asking... It's nothing against everyone who is looking to adopt - check out the forums... You will see what others here are so ticked off about. Look at that one who wrote above you... Ways around the father (who wants his babies by the way) implies illegal and desparate measures. Not something that is needed on this forum at all... This is a pregnancy forum for pregnant women. There are predators out there that are trolling for babies for what ever businesses they have going on on the side. That is what is sparking the hatred. Chill out...


chill out? - September 19

I need to chill out? I am not the one attacking someone who I don't even know for desperately wanting a child. Yes, I agree, ways around the father does imply illegal and desperate measures and is not appropriate, but if you read my post properly you would see that I said people can resort to desperate measures, the desire to have children of their own can cloud their judgement and become an obsession. This does not justify "hating" them, I rather feel pity for them, it is almost a mental health issue for some people. For god's sake, you make it sound as though these people want to adopt children to sell on the black market! If that WERE the case it would be despicable, but who are you to know these womens' intentions? As for the young, single women asking for advice on this forum and being asked if they will adopt their baby out, do you really think most of them are that bothered? (please notice I said most, not all. I am sure some get upset by it) I hardly think they read the question and think "Oh my god, she's going to take my baby!" When I read this thread my first thought was, "Wow, this is just like a bunch of girls in high school, picking on someone just because they feel like it." And yes, I made a point of reading a lot of other threads before making my first post, and I didn't find anything offensive. All I'm trying to say is that you have to try and understand why these few women are so obsessive, but maybe you never will if you can have kids yourself. I know firsthand from my friend how heartbreaking not being able to have children can be, please try to be a little compa__sionate.


randi - September 19

HATE is a strong word, God says to love all. I dislike things in people but i love them all


G - September 19

I agree with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!


G - September 19

I agree with you Aishah!!!!!!!!!!!!!


jp - September 19

Yes, chill out... People's emotions are getting out of hand - I only offered where this hatred was coming from - I never said I was one to hate. And please, don't you DARE think I don't know about desparation. I lost 5 pregnancies to m/c at various stages of development. I know all about desparation but I don't believe in resorting to desparate measures to obtain a child. I have accepted my fate and what has been given and what has not been given to me. Re-read my post - I never said the hatred on here was toward EVERYONE looking to adopt, but the ones who are going about it offensively... Check out the bctraveler - she postes on almost every site after obtaining a child - do tell me what you make of it - she wants more then one? Come on... There is business in babies and when you wake up to that fact you will be better off in understanding where all of these posts are coming from. So yes, chill out.


sigh! - September 20

Pehaps you should reread MY post. I never said the hatred was directed towards everyone looking to adopt either. You don't resort to desperate measures? Good for you, not everyone is as strong as you, and some women almost lose their minds over it. Like I said, doesn't justify hating them. Reread my post again, you will see I said that the methods were not acceptable, and that if the woman wanted the baby for "market purposes" that would be despicable. I just don't see how anyone can make that a__sumption on the basis of her wanting more than one child. I didn't realise there was an adoption limit of one per family. If you really think that is what is happening and are so concerned, why don't you report it? The police would be able to trace the woman through the first baby she adopted. It would be a hell of a lot more productive than spewing hateful messages anonymously on here. Then again, for all you know, she might just desperately want a baby. By the way, I'm very chilled out, I have no reason to be otherwise. I am happily pregnant and love my husband and simple life. I know I am a very lucky woman, and I guess I just don't like to see such venom directed at someone who is not so lucky as me based on an ASSUMPTION of wrongdoing. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? I suppose you would have had this woman hanged by now. I am not naive, I know that people deal in babies, but who are you people to know? Like I said, if you are that concerned and you really believe what you are saying, report it so it can be dealt with. Otherwise, if you don'tlike an answer to a post, ignore it. And please don't tell me to do the same, I will only answer a post I disagree with if I feel people are being inappropriately nasty. That's why I felt the need to post here. I think I've said all I need to say now, don't bother replying I wont be checking this thread again.


I agree with jp! - September 20

Sigh, or [email protected]#s, or what ever your initials are - notice you never post them but are quick to judge others. If you are happy and blessed as you say to be pregnant - shut up about an argument that has nothing to do with you. Chill out was only trying to present to you a side of an argument rationally - youare obviously offended by it - how do you know something hasn't been reported? You don't - you aren't going to post on here anymore? Good - where I sit you shouldn't have opened your nasty mouth to begin with calling everyone else a [email protected]#$!!



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