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Maryland - November 28

I am a 26y/o with a 7 1/2 y/o son and I am pregnant again. I was with my boyfriend for over 2yrs. The relationship was excellent,could'nt ask for a more wonderful man. Whenever I would talk about the possiblity of me getting pregnant, he would just kind of brush it off and say it will be o.k. Well, it's not. As soon as I found out I was pregnant that's when his true feelings came out. Knowing how strongly I feel about abortion he had the nerve to come out and tell me to have one. He thinks that if I have an abortion now that in a couple of years down the road I can just go and get pregnant again. No big deal for him. What about the emotional and physical aspect of having an abortion. He tells me that I will get over it. Easy for him to say. Never having had one myself, but have friends who have, you never get over that. There was one point when I got so tired of hearing him talk about it that I made an appointment to have it done. Let me tell you, that night my spirit did not rest. The same day I made the appointment I had a terrible dream that I had actually gone through with it and woke up weeping and holding my stomach and I remember having this empty feeling in my womb the instint I woke up thinking I had killed my baby. Never did I want to go through with something I would regret for the rest of my life. We broke up 2 days ago and I have to admit I feel like at least now that 100lb weight on my shoulders is now 50lbs lighter. He was stressing me out so bad I started cramping and spotting. I had to have 3 ultrasounds done (between 5wks and 8wks)just to make sure I was'nt losing my baby. On top of having to hear him,day in and day out yapping about getting rid of it, I had to see my baby forming and getting bigger before my eyes. The last U/S I had at 8wks 5days I saw the baby moving on the screen I knew right then and there that my decision will be the final decision. This baby will be born. So if there is anyone reading this and you are thinking about having an abortion or don't think that you can raise a baby sucessfully alone, think again. It has been done. Even though the situation is so tragic, it's always good to know that there are web sites and organizations you can turn to for support. Maryland


bmorebabe - November 28

I really envy your strength I just had my #2 and also I am single, I live in MD as well and i know that here the state doesnt pay you c/s if the father doesnt pay, and my fob isnt paying and isnt anywhere to be found. I really hope that everything works out for you in the end, always remember that there are others i the same situation or worse...if you get hopeless...which it doesnt seem like you will you seem to be a very strong individual and I believe that you will be a wonderful mother to both of your children with or without him...or anyone else for that matter. Good luck and god bless.


NOVA - November 28

Hey im here in northern VA, and i just wanted to tell u good luck. Hope everything works out for u.


Keefersmom - December 2

There is also adoption!!!! Let's not forget about that option. I have an adopted son and could not love him more.


Allyson - December 5

adoption is good for SOME people not all! i would like to adopt when the time is right but i still want to have children. some people think its to hard to give up your child knowing some 1 else will rais them. i could never give my child up for adoption but thats just me! Maryland i am amazed at your strength and how you are handling this! great job hope everything works out fdor you



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