Preg 16 Nd No Husband

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babygurl - November 22

i am 16 almost 17 years old and i'm pregnant. I've been with the future father of my child for almost 3 years so it's not so bad because we're in love and have always talked about having a baby but jus not so soon!! anyways i don't really want to have a baby without being just goes against everything i believe in....what should i do?!?!


Ca__sandra - November 23

You have a few choises in this. you can get married if your in love and keep your baby. It would be very hard being at such a young age to make a marriage work. But that is an option you have. If you dont want your baby you could always have an abortion, depending how far along you are. I dont support abortions but some people feel that they need to do so. I found myself in the situation of being pregnant and not being married, it was something that i never wanted to happen. So i kept an open mind about adoption, but in the forth month i felt him kick. And after that i was hooked. But its ok if you dont feel that way about your baby, now or ever, which is why i think keeping an open mind about adoption would be good for you. It would give you time to no for sure if you want your baby or not. But all of this is up to you, i'm just giving you some choises. Make your desiscion on what you feel is right. You are only 16 so i realize that this must be very hard for you. I hope this helped you in some way, and if it didn't, their will be other people posting some more options for you. Everything will be ok :-)


Christine - November 24

Well if having a baby out of wedlock is against everything you believe is abortion I imagine...that would only make sense...yes there are all the regular options out there...but the most suitable would be to deal with your mistake...if the two of you are in love then you have the choice of getting married now...or waiting...I know its against your beliefs but there is no turning back...good luck to you



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