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angel_26 - January 31

im currently about 3 weeks preg not far at all i have be friends with this guy i sleepted with for a long time we sleepted togeather and now every thing seems to be my fault i was on depo but found out im preg i told him all he can say is you must have an abortion i really dont want to have an obortion that is not something i want to do and i feel its wrong but the things he comes out with like whos gunna sighn birth citf and who you going to say its dad is .. then he tells me i would just be selfish to have this baby ad i would be a home wrecker he has no kids yes hes married and im well awear i was wrog to sleep with him but it happend ... i told him i dnt want anything from him ill do it on my own just in a world of confusion i know i want this baby but i dont want to hurt him what would you do advice and appions plz im 26 years of age stable have my own home i think i could do it on my own what would you do.....PLZ help


lunamoo - January 31

Okay, is English your second language...? I had trouble reading this entire paragraph all on one breath...It is all incoherent as well as your question. What exactly is your question? You got knocked up by a married man, who now obviously does not want to (nor did he ever intend to) leave his wife. He doesn't want you to have the baby and you do. Ooops. What a mess.


falafal0 - January 31

You said you were well aware that it was wrong to sleep with him, but you did it anyway? Then start to be responsible in some way, suck up the consequences, and either raise the child or give it up for adoption, The baby deserves life, regardless. It is innocent. Just leave the man alone to his own life and go on with yours.


falafal0 - January 31

Also, forget about 'hurting' him. He's probably just afraid his wife will find out, and so she should so she can leave him too. He doesn't have any kids to his wife, so at least that's not a worry. Let her go and find a good man as well. Own house, and stability - you have a lot of decsions to make...good luck.


Skyeblue - February 1

"Everything seems to be my fault..." You got that right woman!!! It is your fault, and you are "selfish" to want this baby, and you ARE a homewrecker! You might own your own home, but you certainally are NOT stable as you say.


hello - February 1

I just want to add if u want an abortion then that is your choice but u need to want it ....not be told to do it.........


chmiller25 - February 1

You know, instead of judging others and criticizing the decisions they have made, why can’t we help each other? Unless you are perfect, we have ALL made mistakes and now have to live with the consequences. Some of these people that come and post there questions online, don’t have people they can go to for help or advice. In addition, pregnant women are going though rough hormone changes and sometimes need a second opinion and encouragement that either way, it is going to be ok. You never know if this is there last hope for reaching out before they give up with everything including themselves. It seams so much easier to condemn someone for a mistake that was made than to offer a word of encouragement.


123abc - February 6

angel_26 - he will definetely have to take responsiblity for a child.. I believe that it's just as much his fault as yours for getting involved with a married man.. he obviously doesn't love his wife to be cheating on her and as for you being a homewrecker, he should've thought about that before hand.. you were wrong to sleep with him and he was wrong to let u.. but what's done is done, you are going to have a baby and he needs to be responsible. you can still put him on the birth certificate and get him to pay child support.. but he needs to be part of this baby's life as well...


snugglez - February 7

I am so p__sed by the peeoplee who judged angel here! Only God can judge. She was probably so upset she couldn't even type straight. whatever the case may be the ones who judged her were wrong. Angel, I think you should do what you feel is right for you, period! I agree with all of the ladies who told you that if you have the baby that he needs to take some responsibility. Good luck!


JorjaLane - February 9

it makes me laugh to see a these married women pa__sing judgement on another. If you only knew what your husbands are up to......


123abc - February 9

JorjaLane - let me guess, you're not married... this society is so messed up and let me talk as a married woman... i've been married for a few years now and what baffles me is that men & women have no respect for each other and give up on their relationship at the first sign of trouble.. some women/men will accept cheating, abuse (physical and mental) and this is not right.. i'm not quite sure what you meant by if we only knew what our husbands are up to? i know what mine is up to but yet i don't have to put a leash on him. i'm sure your post is meant to cause some trouble, but it's women like you that make men look bad.. married man have no business getting involved with anyone else, but i know there are women out there that want something that they can't have. get a life which doesn't include being involved with a married man.. have some self respect as i'm sure if YOU WERE married, you wouldn't want some other tramp with ur husband... on the other hand, if ur husband is up to that type of behaviour, he's a loser anyways... trouble is to find the right guy who will not mess around.. again, i have a whole other opinion on that, but it's too long for me to type.. it all starts with TRUST & RESPECT.


xBeautiful.Disasterx - February 22

Hun i'm in the same situation apart from the man i'm seeing isn't married, just remember it's your choice and you child is more important than him. good luck sweetie take care!! :)


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - February 23

Sweetie, being a homewrecker is what you became when you initiated any s_xual contact with this man...so he is right there...not to mention, your not the only one at fault here, he is the one who cheated on his wife so that makes him something that I really wouldn't like saying....but I can't believe you would allow yourself to be treated so badly and degrade yourself so much so that you sleep with this man...and I say you keep this baby, it isn't selfish...what is selfish is sleeping with a man who is married. By all means tell his wife, she has a right to know that her husband is a low life and that she can do a whole lot better. Why don't he want you to have this baby? That sums it up on his part, he don't want to get caught. He made his bed he should sleep in it...


shellynca2000 - February 24

WOW! You all are very rude. You can't help but feel bad for her in a way! They are BOTH at fault. She didn't get pregnant alone. I think he should have to support his baby even if he doesn't want anything to do with it. and if you choose to have this baby, good luck to you. It will be hard, trust me. Get support from your friends and family. And I too think his wife should know, if my partner was cheating on me, i would want to know so I could leave him.



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