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TheOnlyGuyHere - October 17

I'm a 27 year old male and in late July I met a girl online and we had s_x. It was a simple one night stand. Thing was, I am in the US and she is in Canada. I was "safe" and wore a condom the ENTIRE time during s_x, and everything appeared normal. About 7 hours later, she called me saying that while she was taking a shower, she noticed that a piece of the condom "just came out" of her. She alleged that it broke, so I IMMEDIATELY got her address and we decided to get the "Plan B" emergency contraception pill. She seemed VERY relieved and quite happy that I obliged to get this pill with her. I, too, was relieved that she was willing to take it. After purchasing the pill, I "jokingly" told her to take the pill IN FRONT of me saying, "I dont want any Canadian babies." Well, you guessed it. 11 weeks later (this past Thursday) this woman sends me an IM (instant message) telling me she "has a surprise" for me. After telling her I was not amused, she said that she was pregnant. I immediately called her and she said that about 3 weeks ago, after feeling sick, her doctor told her she was pregnant. She also said she's been with NO OTHER GUY. The worse part about all of this is that she says "I don't want to kill my baby" meaning that she does not want an abortion. She is adament about that. She has not ruled out adoption but my gut feeling is that she plans to keep it. I've read thousands of boards and have not heard of any situation like it. How can I be sure she isn't lying? I wore a condom, noticed nothing out of the ordinary AND watch her swallow the pill and she ends up pregnant? And it also seems impossible that she could seek child support (if that is her motivation) since we are in different countries. Any of you have theories? I am planning to take out a loan and get a paternity test as she SAYS that's fine. What do you all think? And if she has the baby, I feel an obligation to take care of him/her and I will. Yet, this is such a screwed up situation. Yes I layed down with her, but seriously? Keep a baby in THIS situation? I'd appreciate some feedback.


Grandpa Viv - October 18

This could be part of a con game - seen similar stuff before. The story of "part of a condom" does not compute with your observation. Eleven weeks after s_x a woman is at the end of the first trimester and has long been aware she is pregnant. Most have reason to test by four weeks after s_x. For most, nausea starts being a serious problem about 5 weeks after s_x. Chances are she will a) come around to asking you pay for an unneeded abortion, or b) she is looking for marriage to a US citizen, or c) she went to a party more recently and does not remember what happened. Abortions should not cost in Canada. GL!


TheOnlyGuyHere - October 18

That was WISE ADVICE Grandpa Viv. I appreciate that very much!!!



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