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Chloe - November 1

My boyfriend & I have been together for 8 months and I just found out 2 days ago I am pregnant! In the first 2 minutes of me telling him, he wanted a termination because he is already in a situation where he has a 5-year old daughter to a girl he doesn't know and he wanted that one terminated years ago also. I just don't know that I can terminate something inside me for the wrong reasons but on the other hand don't know if I could handle being a single mother, and the father not wanting to know his child. All he wants me to do is think about HIS situation in all of this, not our baby! I am stuck in the middle!!


Also - November 1

Think about YOUR situation in this. Will he stick around? Are you able to cope if he doesn't? Does he support his other daughter? Is he forced to do so? How does he treat her? Does he visit her? It seems to me he didn't learn from his previous mistake, but its up to you to decide what is best.


single mother - November 1

Think real hard either way you go you will have regrats if you get rid of the baby you will never forgive yourself, if you have the baby you may be a single parent and that is very hard there could be times you have to look at your child and they want to know why there father is not around and there friends are but most important its your choice if you feel in your gut you can't get rid of the baby then dont but first make sure you have support from family and friends you will need some help but it don't have to be the father he should really learn about protection. Best of luck!!!


angel - November 1

hi i am sorry...i was in a similar situation i was pregnant and my bf wanted me to get an abortion cuz a baby wasnt convient for him. but dont do it if u dont want to.... he doesnt make the decision here its both ur babys and if u dont want an abortion dont let him talk u into it... there are lots and lots of things out there to help. and dont worry... its always scary to think about being a mom for the first time but ull be fine :) good luck!!!


;-) - November 1

If you want to keep your baby,then you should. Who knows he might come around and decide he is ready for a child, but if not you will love it anyways! You should do what you feel is right!


April - November 2

Sweetheart, it's your baby. If he is going to be a loving and supportive BOYFRIEND for you in your life, then he has to be loving and supportive of what you WANT. If he isn't, I'm sure you'll find someone much better for you!!! I did not even let the father of my baby tell me his opinion regarding this because it does not matter. Your baby is in YOU, not him. You most certainly are not going to be happy if you spend the rest of your life doing everything to make him happy, and do nothing for yourself!



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