Against Adoption

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Jen - July 12

Seriously, find a better cause...adoption is wonderful. There are many people interested in adoption, not just adoptive couples but women and girls that are not ready to raise a baby. Give them some credit, most of are capable of making a decision that is right for them. For those who are not, THERE ARE MANY STEPS TO ADOPTION..ADOPTIVE COUPLES DON'T JUST GO AND PICK UP A BABY. There is time to change your mind, of course this varies depending on state. We are all vulnerable at some point in our lives no matter how old we are and some teen/young women are wise beyond their years and some adults are clueless. Maybe adoption is not for you but everyone thinks differently and different things are right for different people. People meet eachother in all kinds of is a fine way to meet someone. If you go though an agency, you still meet a stranger. Adoptive parents have to go through background checks, fingerprinting matter if you use an agency or attorney. Most Birthmothers go through counseling that the adoptive parents pay for (before and after the adoption) to make sure they are making a clear decision. No adoptive parent wants to raise a baby that is stolen! I for one love kids and want my adoptive son to have a relationship with his birhtmother. That is where adoption is going now, open adoption. No adoptive parent wants her son/daughter to hear that he/she was forced away from their biological parents. Come on already...find another cause to be against and stop wasting your time being against adoptive parents, that's just silly.


Not against adoption - July 12

No one is suggesting the act of adopting is WRONG, what we are saying is that the methods some are using is making some of us uncomfortable.


just being honest - July 12

If you hadn't noticed, the last post mentioned that there should be a thread on this site for adoptive parents. THEREFORE helping anyone with questions regarding the adoption issue. Whether it be parents looking to adopt or someone wanting to find a suitable match for their child. My point which was obviously missed was that of finding a more related forum that deals with adoption directly. Why go to a forum that deals with "single and pregnant"? Are you hoping to pursuade someone to change their mind or what? It is to deal with what single and or expecting mothers are going through and to be able to relate to anyone else going through the same thing. I personally am not against adoption, I think it can be a beautiful thing because in the end it's the welfare of the child that is the important issue. Besides, the concern here was not regarding what people have to go through in order to adopt, the concern was where they were fishing to adopt. Read a little more closely next time to what people are saying instead getting on the defensive and a__suming they are attacking your cause.


no one's saying that it's wron - July 12

I agree with the last post. They sum it up pretty well.


?? - July 12

awsome i agree w/ this as well pay attention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jen - July 13

I have been reading all the posts and there have been attacks against adoption..maybe not your posts but people saying thigs like I don't know how someone can give a child away..ect. Posts pretending to be Cheryl an adoptive parent. I did not pinpoint a specific post. I am also aginst the thought of people thinking we are pursuading preg women/teens. I do agree there should be an adoption forum here or something like that. Honest, I am not definsive..just getting out my point of view. It just seems like some people think of adoptive parents as baby stealers or vultures of some sort. If there is a single woman out there and she is not interested in adoption then she doesn't have to reply. A post with a website won't make a person give up a child to adoption. There are far greater infuences in the world. I do understand what you are saying and I also agree that some people go too far here talking about adoption every giving advice with an adoption webite below ect...but I don't see it as so wrong...just a little excessive. No more than what we face from people on a daily basis.


just being honest - July 14

I have since wrote an email to the editor of this website and requested that they add an adoption thread. If any others agree, strength in numbers is best. Please submit that you would enourage them to add this so everyone who is concerned with adoption and have questions, has somewhere specific to go. It really would make more sense since it is a highly discussed topic.


not against adoption - July 14

Sounds like a great idea to me.


agree - July 14

this is a wounderful idea i will also write to the editor, this is for question here not postining and the heading is not adoption.



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