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bowlergurl07 - May 7

im 16 and 16 weeks pregnant and the father left first he said he wanted and abortion then said it wasnt his after i told him i wasnt gonna get an abortion and im just so alone my family doesnt talk to me anymore cause of this and i just need someone to talk to


skylersmom - May 14

hey sorry no one has replied to you sooner....if you still want to talk please email me i am 23 with a 3 year old son and 21 wks pregnant


Ceno - May 14

I apologize that you have to be going through such a tough time, during one of the most miraculous experiences you'll ever have in your life. Pregnancy is a joyful matter how old you are, no matter how it happened, no matter the situation. I know you must be feeling very alone, like you said, and very scared because, not only do you have to go through this alone, but because you have no support or anyone to tell you what's going on with your body. Sometimes we need our families/friends to remind us. Unfortunately, we all don't have that. I congratulate you on your decision, not because I don't believe in abortions, but rather because you came to a conclusion by yourself, were adamant, no matter the consequences. That right there shows your strength and courage. It takes a lot to do just that. I'm 20 now, but back a few years ago, when I was 16, I too found myself pregnant. My boyfriend at the time (who was also my first) wanted me to get an abortion and I really didn't socialize with him for some time (almost 2 months), because I refused. I was in denial, though my body was undergoing all the changes of pregnancy, because I felt it couldn't happen to me...such a smart, wise female..though it did. I also was in denial because I knew my family and even my close friends weren't going to approve of it..or possibly support me in my decision...and that they were going to badger and demean me...make me feel like a failure. Due to that stress, I lost the baby and, since I was in such strong denial about the pregnancy, I wasn't even aware that I lost the child. So I know what it's like to feel lonely, have people turn their backs on you...even though my situation turned out different. I wish it honestly didn't. But back to yours, it will be hard. At times, you will feel like the decision to made was a bad one. At times, you will feel overwhelmed, because of your age and status. But stay strong, the way you did when you decided to keep the baby. It will pay off. Like I said, it will be hard...but once the pregnancy is over and you give birth, it will be different, a whole new level. Once you look into your baby's eyes, you will feel something you never felt before. You'll be elated. When that baby smiles, all your worries and stress will melt away...literally. But stay strong I repeat. With the bad comes the good. And always remember after the storm, the sun comes out to play. :-D



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