Alone In NYC

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Sloane - November 1

i am 24 years old and about 13 weeks pregnant and my boyfriend of two years just broke up with me today. During our reltionship he always mentioned that he wanted to have kids. When it actually became official, he started acting really distant. His parents are not allowing him to stay over my apartment anymore and they want nothing to do with the baby. he also hasnt told any of his friends. Sometimes he acts like things are fine and other times he is very distant. i am living on my own in New York without the comfort of having my family and friends around. I am starting to feel really hopeless. He told me that we were having problems before my pregnancy and that he should have left me then. i didnt know we were having problems. if we were why didnt he leave then? Why leave at a time like this? He is comfortable living with his parents and not having any responsibilities. He basically told me that he doesnt want me or this baby. If someone would have told me it was going to end up like this, i would have told them that they were lying. He did a complete turn around once i became pregnant. It is very hard because i still have to go through all of the emotional and physical changes of pregnancy while going to work everyday and paying very expensive rent and bills all alone. If anyone can offer advice or just some supportive words, i would really appreciate it.


Christine - November 2

Unfortunatly we cannot fortell the future and bull*hit happens to the best of us. You sound like a very strong will make it through. I am 27, on my 3rd pregnancy and have dealt with your situation 3 times now. I imagined that this time would be different, because I would somehow make sure that things were right before hand, but that didnt work. Just remember to keep your head up girl..Finances of course will be hard but thats how it goes...I'm a single mom of two..and 1/2(lol) but I'm making can you.


Fiona - November 2

I really feel for you, he sounds like a real pig to leave you now, but I'm confident that us women are strong enough to do it alone, and with our friends. Good Luck :-)


kizzy - August 29

He sucks. To hell with him you don't need him. This may sound harsh but, if I was in your shoes I would have an abortion because in the long run the only person that is gonna suffer is the baby. It is not a good feel to grow up without a father. I have a friend in the same situation, maybe even worst. Her baby father will walk right by her and his son aint won't even speak. The worst part of it all is the son looks just like him and do not even know him. It's too hard in this world to raise a child alone. Thank about. Wait until you find another man who actually wants the same thing as you.


amanda - August 29

hi sloane nice to know i'am not alone!!! i'am also 24 years old 34 weeks pregnant and my boyfreind wants nothing to do with me or my baby, he told me the same exact thing your guy told you(none of his freinds know i'am pregnant either.) i'am livving here in new york on my own too! its really tough all my family is in florida and its kinda lonely its been really hard but believe have faith and you will get though this(the strong survive!) good luck to you and your beautiful baby.



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