Alone In Pregnancy

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CNoel - November 18

I am 31 wks pregnant with a baby boy. As soon as I told the father he said to get an abortion or I would never hear from him again. He hasn't talked to me since 12 weeks pregnant. I am a typical american woman and he is from Andrah Pradesh, India, and because of that he wants nothing to do with me or the baby. I can't believe how long he led me on only to leave me! Does anyone have a word or advise to help me get over him? My greatest fear though is that I can't teach my son about his culture and that he will feel lost in the world. Please help!


Audrey - November 19

The Hindu culture is strict when it comes to having children out of wedlock. However if he is still in the U.S. it might be possible to get child support from him. Try to find a mother's support group in your area too and make new connections. You're not alone out there.


Deborah - December 12

I completely understand you situation! I too am 31wks pregnant, and the father of my child left when I was 5 wks pregnant, and this was a planned pregnancy. As well we have a 31/2 yr. old together. I attend a MOPS group every other Wed. and church regularly. It really helps to have faith, and a belief that the hard times make you stronger and more greatful for the good ones. I wouldn't worry about your sons wonderful ethnicity, he's a true american like the rest of us, we're all muts! In one form fashion or another. Definately persue any means neccesary for child support, children are very expensive, and you want to be able to provide for you and your boy. The harsh reality of the father leaving is very hurtful, but there is still business to be taken care of, Good Luck, and keep your chin up, you are going to be a great mom! And your son will be fine!


Sailor's Baby - June 27

Im really sorry that you have to go through this all alone.If the Hindu culture is so strict,than that guy should know better than to mess you up like this and leave you hanging.I understand how you feel being all alone at 31 week pregnant.becoz i am 31 week pregnant n even though i have a husband,he is out at sea,as he is a sailor.It is really traumatizing for me bacause he was having an affair with his ex girlfriend until i found out about it and we first found out i was pregnant,and we've decided to keep this marriage and he promised to in a way i do understand how you feel.i wish things wud be better for you and ur baby.maybe in the future,u will find someone who can take care of u and the child.i really hope abortion is not the answer for you,the kid in there is innocent.the indian b___d will pay a price for it(gosh im of a middle eastern descendent and we r strict but its no excuse to leave you and asked u to throw the baby away)he is gonna get his retribution from god one day for doing this to you.HEY I HOPE U DO BELIEVE IN KARMA,WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND.and lastly,PRAY.u need to pray all u can right now even if u dun go to church,dats btw u and god n ask him to give u the strength to move on wif this baby .Good Luck!



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