Alone On Thanksgiving

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dew - November 22

I'm a little sad today because I have no place to be for Thanksgiving. My family went to New Hampshire (5 hours away), but I can't go. I have to stay home because my midwife is concerned that the baby isn't growing and she wants me to stay in bed. Obviously, my baby's dad left me so he's not an option. So what do I do? I don't want to sit in the house crying because I'm alone so I need some advise. please help!


- November 23

where u live


apple - November 23

do u have other kids if not and you are alone just relax don't feel sad u have a life inside of you you are not alone do you have any friends?


Whitney - November 23

Hey sweetie. That sucks. I wish I had some great advice for you that would work. I can't garauntee you not crying or being lonely. I myself am a blubbering idiot right now no matter who's around or what they say. Nothing seems to help. But, i'll try to suggest something. How about renting silly movies not sappy ones and surrounding yourself with girly, entertaining trash magazines to keep your mind occupied with senselessness instead of lonliness. Hope that helps a little.


dew - November 23

I live in CT, and I'm pregnant with my first child (a boy). The movie and Magazine idea sounds good, but I know I'll cry and be lonely. I hate my situation sometimes. I can't wait for my baby to be here, maybe I won't feel so alone.


pear - November 23

you are not alone! you are pregnant and on bedrest. It may have been inconsiderate for your family to just leave you there, but cheer up. You have your family. Dont' whine. Don't cry. Just rent some movies, read a good book, and meditate.


Jen - November 25

your not alone honey you have your baby, get a movie, and tv turkey dinner bon.appet_te, of buy a cornish hen or something , youll be fine. , youll never e alone again once that baby comes.. happy turkey day..



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