Am I Being Selfish With My Unborn Baby

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susy64 - January 21

My situation is very similar to others on here and quiet honestly I'm very surprised. My ex and I had been dating for about 6-7 years. He brokeup with me and 2 weeks later I ended up pregnant by him. My baby is due March 2007 and now I really don't know what to do... He denied the baby for a long time which to me meant he wanted no part in his life. Not once did he call to see if I needed anything. He put me down more than anything the break up alone killed me. Now that the baby is almost here he wants to be a part of the baby's life. He doesn't want to work things out with me but expects to be there full time. How is that possible if at the same time he's out looking for other girls (a lot younger than him) I'm 23 btw and hes 24. He tells me he wants me to meet who ever he decides to date because that's who the baby will be with when he takes him. I don't want to meet his g/f's. I really don't know if I want to give him a chance to be a part of the babies life. What if he runs out on the baby. I don't want child support from him. I really don't want him to have rights to my baby. But then again I still want to try to make things work. I want whats best for the baby... and I don't want him to hurt my baby the way he's hurt me....What do I do...?


DownbutnotOUT - January 22

he flaked for almost all of your pregnancy and is not like "ok i wanna be in the babies life and i want you to meet my new gf's because baby will be with them as well" I would put father unknown on the birth certificate and cut ties with him. If he has flaked during the most important time of your life, pregnany, he will more than likely do it again and might even hurt the child emotionally. I would say no and thats that.


hello - January 22

For starters you dont have to meet his one day wonder women, nor does your child... your baby has one mum and one dad and the fly bys dont need to know your baby unless he is planning on marrying one of them so tell him, forget that...(he should be seeing your baby without his flooseys so let him come to your house if u decide to go ahead with it or something similar) my daughters dad wouldnt dare ask to introduce a partner, already made it clear that she has a mum and dad.... Am saying this if u choose to let him in your life... I am sick of these men abandoning us and expecting the world, the ball is in your court, here in aus legally i cant stop my daughters dad but in your case you could perhaps put father unknown, unless this man wants to get a dna later on down the track.... My daughters dad is of a bad character yet i cant stop him legally as i said.... You can do it the hard way or the easy way... court is not a pleasant place... my ex comes every 2nd saturday and yes he will hurt my daughter the same way he hurt his three others he doesnt see, his ex wife, me, and all the others but i will be there for her... I dont want her to say to me, who is my dad, why cant i see him etc, they both deserve the chance to have a relationship, in some ways i believe noone has the right to stop the end of the day its your call but i believe its up to my little girl to tell me one day 'i dont want to see my dad' or to tell him rather, i dont believe its my decision to make, its hers.........i wish u well in what u choose to do and if its any comfort you arent alone in having met an a__s...........



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