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D - February 23

I was with my bf for over 7 months, we broke up because he decided to go back to his ex. A month later he told me that he missed me and decided to get back with me, everything was fine until 2 weeks ago i found out I'm pregnant. When I told him he freaked out and told me that this was going to ruin his life because he had lied to me, in fact he had never left his gf and the whole 7 months we were together he was still with her while she was away at school. I am devastated but have decided to keep this baby even though it may ruin his relationship with her and his family but I feel like he had it coming. The reason we never used protection was I am allergic to latex and was on the pill. He keeps trying to convince me that my only choice is abortion but I feel that abortion is wrong for me. I'm 22 and know in my heart i can do this. what do you all think?


? - February 24

Follow your heart. You already know what you want. Don't abort. keep it I think it is the right decision for you. Best wishes.


Nameless - February 24

I think you are doing the right thing. Follow your heart. Abortion is wrong it kills a human life. He did have it comming. Don't mind me I am really happy for you I am just really emotional right now because I was in the same boat as you were I was pregnant twice possible 3 times and lost all my babies though. I want to say Congratulations and please take care of yourself and God Bless you and GOOD Luck Keep us posted! Keep your head up


Rosie - February 28

I only have one concern - which is that you are keeping the baby to have some kind of hold over him - the way you say that you think he has it coming worries me a little. You see you may end up having to do this alone - if he is running now he might just carry on running. However, if this is right for you then you have to follow your heart. PS dont let people tell you abortion is wrong - that is just their opinion. I hope everything works out for you - good luck.


Audrey - February 28

D- It's normal for you to feel bitter, after all, your bf cheated twice over and now he refuses to acknowledge that the baby is his. Let him go. Good for you if you feel that you can raise the baby on your own, if you have support from your family it shouldn't be as difficult. Best wishes!



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