Annoyed About Scrapbooks

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mischelly30 - July 4

Hi ladies. Well, just a personal vent here. I have been searching all over for one of those cute sc__pbooks in which you can write all about baby's first milestones. I cannot find a single one that is geared for unmarried women! I've been to target, wally-mart, kmart, all the marts. They have space in them for daddy's photo, daddy's reactions, daddy's this and daddy's that. Some even have space for you to talk about your marriage and honeymoon. I get that for some people fathers are involved, but seriously, come on. Don't the companies who make these things realize that not every woman who has a baby is married? Some of us might be cohabiting, single for a mult_tude of reasons, or (gasp) lesbian? Geez. Sorry to vent on you all but this has me annoyed. I am going to just make my own keepsake sc__pbook. If I had time and $$, I'd start my own baby product line for single women!!!


Emma2 - July 5

Well , that makes no sense dear ,because the baby still has a father !!!! So, youre trying to tell me you dont have a single pic of the dad? You dont have to fill in every section but you must have a pic to put there.


krc - July 5

Sorry Emma2 but not every baby has a father !!!! I found out I was pregnant 2 weeks after my boyfriends funeral. My friend got pregnant from a one night stand from some guy from a club while out of town !!!! And sadly to say, I do know a girl who was raped and decided to keep the baby. So for some of us those sc___pbooks are a slap in the face. I got 2 as gifts at my baby shower and last week I tried to fill out as much as possible but it was too painful leaving all the daddy stuff blank. They really should make single parent sc___pbooks !!!


mischelly30 - July 5

Emma2, of *course* my baby has a BIOLOGICAL father. What my baby does not have is a father who is involved, can write momentos, and share childhood milestones. I do not feel that my baby needs a slap in the face of all the missing "dad" parts that are supposed to be there, every time he or she opens up the baby book. Honestly, several pages of missing photos, momentos, and other reactions is not a way to build healthy self-esteem. I went out today and bought a bunch of sc___pbook-making stuff at the craft store...I'm sure I can put something much nicer together :)


krc - July 5

i think making your own sc___pbook is a good idea. My biological father wasnt a part of my life and my baby book is blank also !!! My mom put his name and stuff but thats about it. I remember as a little girl feeling sad there wasn't any answers to questions like...daddy's reaction , etc.. When I was 14 or 15 my mom hand made me a sc___p book that I cherish very much. It was from her heart..... these ones you buy at walmart or whatever are junk !!!


LL - July 7

If you Google single parents baby books it comes up with a few websites that have baby books for single parents or alternative families. Just a suggestion. I think making your own sc___pbook will be neat as well.


Emma2 - July 7

Yeah best thing is create your own...its much more personal and your child will cherish it for life!


mischelly30 - July 9

YAY, I started my sc___pbook the other day. So far, all I have is a couple of ultrasound photos in there...but it's a start! It was surprisingly easy, albeit a bit STICKY (not too good with the glue!)


ash2 - July 10

hey here's a good idea. instead of getting a " baby book" which i think is what you guys are talkng about, get an actual "sc___p book" with blank paper and write what you want too in it and ahve the pics that you want. however, i definantly would have something about their father in it so they dont feel as if they were maybe a "misfit" child that there father did love them, and you just didnt get pregnant because you were irresponsible.good luck


am1903 - July 18

Haha..I was all excited after I read your post because I was going to tell you about the really great baby book sc___pbooks that they have at Michael's Craft Stores--with lots of really neat extra stuff...and THEN I read the posts. While it is a minority of posters, I can't believe that someone would say that you should at least have a pic of the dad. Sure, I could find a picture of my baby's father--do I want one? He told me to have an abortion or f--- off. Great role model there. And I surely won't be putting anything about his/her father in there--he doesn't love his baby, he wanted me to kill it. Sorry for the sarcasm, but I just get tired of reading stuff about how my child will be a misfit, unloved, I got pregnant because I was irresponsible, etc, etc. Open minds people, open minds.


Emma2 - July 18

Am1903, regardless of what he said to you and how he tried to manipulate you . It is the childs book and it has every right to at least see a pic of his father..


Emma2 - July 18

And stop being so defensive....Not my fault people tell you how they feel....And if your want to refer to something I posted my name is EMMA not "someone" or "somebody".


am1903 - July 18

Sure, I can see having a picture available for when questions arise, but I don't see the reason for putting pictures in a book that I see as being a happy memoir of milestones, etc. in my child's life. ..not the father who wants to sign his rights away.


Emma2 - July 18

When I posted the 1st time she didnt mention anything of the sort. So, just because your single doesnt mean the dad is not involved. Hence the response. Obviously there was info lacking.


ash2 - July 18

and in case you need gla__ses am... i said that you should put a pic of your dad in there just incase HE WILL NOT FEEL LIKE he is a misfit child. i didnt say he was one.and just because your father wanted you for an abortion( which i am very sorry to hear about) that doesnt mean that daddy's are not in their kids lives. and for whatever the reason, i still think that the child should know the father in some "time" or another. a baby book is something that a child can look back on when they are older , and who knows, the child might have already made amends with the father and the mom just had harsh feelings toward him. there is no reason to get mad at people who come and post responses when they are asked to do so. besides , this is for "mischelly"'s answer, and from what i see, her situation is nothing like yours......


mischelly30 - July 20

Sorry, I didn't mean to start an argument. This was a general comment on the exclusionary nature of the available baby and sc___p books rather than a comment on my situation, per se, which is why I didn't think it relevant to include information on the father of my child's involvement (none. He walked out on us). In my original post, you'll notice I had provided my own answer to the "problem" ("I am just going to make my own keepsake sc___pbook"). Again, sorry to start an argument.



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