Anybody Know Anything About Welfare

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pregnant&broke - February 3

I am 21, single, & 35wks pregnant. i dont know anything about govt. help for single moms (welfare, food stamps, housing assistance... etc.). ANYBODY??


Andi - February 3

call this # for your local gov. office 1-877-267-2323. you can also look on


Michelle - March 12

Nicole,, you are a big B. Just because someone wants info on a__sistance from the gov. doesn't mean that they don't want to work. How selfish of you to tell her to get a job so it doesn't drain on your taxes. The money and benefits are there so we as single moms might as well use them. Not all women can depend on their baby's daddy's (mayb they are the ones who won't get a job) Babies are expensive bottom line and if u Qualify for the benefits you should use them!!! I remember I was 6 weeks pregnant Nicole and I thought I could do it all myself too, but the truth is you need all the help and generousity you can get. Not everyone has a network of support like you.


autum - March 12

pregnant and broke, first of all where are you, canada or usa, then ill be able to help you better. as for the ones on here saying people on welfare are draining society. what the hell?? before i had my child i did support myself, i was very comfortable. now i have a 3 yr old son, dad is out of the pic, no help there, i WORK a FULL TIME job and still need alittle help from the gov. and people like you that try to make us feel bad. not a chance. I COLLECT WELFARE, AND DONT FEEL BAD FOR DOING SO.


autum - March 12

i forgot to mention,, i am not a teen


Jae - March 13

Just because a woman needs a little help that dosent make you a bad person. Welfare was created to a__sist in helping the disadvantaged. I live in Australia & i dont know anything about the US welfare system. I collect welfare for me & my 6 year old, but before i got pregnant i worked & payed my taxes as do my parents, so i feel i have the right to collect welfare. However i feel that i am giving back, i am studying full time to become a community social worker, because there is so many women who need to be guided through these difficult times & rea__sured there is a__sistance if needed, but also to encourage studying & seeking employment while on welfare.... good luck to you


pregnant - March 13

It is so true that people take advantage of the system.. But it is also true that some people need it. And Nicole, that's what it's there for honey. At 6 weeks pregnant, you haven't even began to feel the effects of pregnancy. I worked until I was 8 and half months pregnant but let me tell you, I was SO sick every day. I went back to work two months after I had the baby, and now I am pregnant again, raising a two year old and this time I wont be working that long. It is tooo draining. I also have been thinking of getting a__sistance. It's not like I haven't tried, I just need help. And I do feel very bad about needing help. I wish I could do it on my own.


autum - March 13

"pregnant" you are so right some people do take advantage o the system, but then there are some that work for the help. Like i said earlier i do work i full time job, so i do pay the taxes, but also collect, i am a single mother. you should've feel bad for it. this is an expensive world we're not all so lucky to have everything. now i dont collect alot just a couple hundred, my daycare is paid for and i have benifits through them, work has none. i provide the rest. so please dont you or nyone feel bad, that is what these programs are for. it's the bad ones that put a bad name to it, it's up to us the good ones that work and try to prove or show that not all welfare collecters sit at home drink beer and watch tv while their kids play in poo. we're not draining society, we are getting help in times of need, to get on our feet, so then we can pay back and help maybe you kelly and nicole when your down.


autum - March 13

sorry that should be SHOULD'T feel bad, not should've


shavon - April 6

sorry I dont eather


melissa - April 6

Hi, gov. a__sistance in the us is based on your income. you can get medicaid for the baby, wic, food stamps for you, work a__sistance, and child care a__sistance. Dont let these neg. people bother you. I am a mother of 3 and married and both of us work 40+ hours a week and still need a__sistance with childcare and had medicaid up until last year when my company gave health ins. to us for free. call your local department of social services they can help.


Micheala Garris - April 22

I am a single mom that has a job but the money I make will not cover my bills what kinda a program is out there to help me?


ckn - April 26

I don't see anything in her posting saying she doesn't already have a job. Look, I'm 14 weeks pregnant, graduated from a 4 year college in 2 years, have a fulltime job but have been realizing that it costs more than what I originally thought it would to raise a child alone. My biggest concern is insurence for the child. My second concern is that I will not be able to work fulltime AND care for the child after birth. That is why I am also searching around for help. Put yourselves in her shoes. See what it feels like.


Brongaene - May 12

I lived in Ireland for 7 years and was charged 48% tax on my income so that people could all have free medical, free rent, etc. I loved it. It felt GREAT! I NEVER saw homeless people, I never saw women or men begging for money on the streets with their kids in tow (humiliating). I feel sorry for you greedy Americans who confuse communism with SOCIALIST DEMOCRACY (France, Sweden, Ireland, England, Australia, loads of other countries). I'm 37 and I've worked 40 hours a week as a professional white collor legal secretary ALL MY LIFE. Other than the 7 years in Ireland. I'm pregnant for the first time in my life and to my horror found out that my work pays NO pregnancy leave. I stumbled upon this site when doing a search for "how will I support myself AND allow my husband to stay home?" and I'm disgusted at you weirdos trying to make a woman feel guilty for accepting public a__sistance. I guess you'd prefer to have 20 extra dollars per paycheck but to see kids sitting on the stairs of the churches begging like they do in other countries. You make me sick. That's what "social programs" are for. For people like me who've paid taxes all their lives!!!


Hannah - May 14

Welfare is there to help single parents and there kid's when it is needed! I think it is a very good thing. If it was not for goverment a__sistence as a child I would have gone hungry. I think no child should have to go through that! There is a limit of how long you can be on welfare so that women dont take advantage of it.Not every woman is lazy and does not want to work. Some of them are in a bad situation and just cant do it. so befor you go off and say that welfare is a wast of you're tax dollars THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ca__sandra - May 17

Nicole is this your first child? I am a 22 year old mother to a 2 year old and I am 33 weeks pregnant as well. My childrens father just left me a week ago and he moved at least 30 hrs away from us. He is all I had. I am now in pregnant and brokes situation. Some of us are not as fortunate as you are. Imagine if you were in a situation like this. Broke... Keep your head up and be strong. My advice is if your babys daddy is gonna be a loser like mine, make his life hell.


J - May 18

If you need a__sistance get it but also get a job. You can't just live off of the system and expect everyone else to be responsible for you and your child. Gov't help is meant to help you temporarily but some people take advantage. I'm sure you can find a job.



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