Anyone Else Feel Like An Emotional Yoyo

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New Here - May 9

Is anyone else feeling extreme emotional swings? I realize that my hormones must be to blame for at least part of this, but it sounds like such a lame excuse...At first I thought the father of my baby didn't want to be involved since he told me that if i had it the relationship was over, but now he is trying to act nice and supportive and involved with pregnancy but here is the problem... I almost felt better when I thought he was going to be uninvolved and while it hurt, I was starting to accept it and move on. It almost hurts more to have him act like he wants to be involved with pregnancy and asking about visitation with baby and such but seems to still not want a relationship with me. I don't know how I can go through 7 more months of being pregnant with these ups and downs... Part of me feels like I would be better off having no contact with him but the other part just feels rejected and wishes that he would want to be in a relationshp with me. I hate these ups and downs!! One day I feel fine and happy and confident and the next I am making everything worse with him and crying nonstop. Help!


GraphxGirl - May 14

I totally understand how you feel... I am 31 weeks pregnant now and have gone through the entire pregnancy alone. He wanted me to have an abortion and I wouldn't so he ended the relationship. He has emailed me here and there asking how I am but that is it. I have learned to not get my hopes up at all cause he is bound to let me down. All I can do is wait and see if he takes responsibility once the baby is here. I go to all my doctors appointments alone and even spent some time in the hospital where he didn't even come see me. I find that my hormones and emotions are more messed up now than ever before. I think maybe it is cause I know it's getting close to the baby being born and I am scared. Even though I have been a single mom of my 7 year old daughter her entire life, it still scares me... not enough confidence I guess in myself that I can do this all over again alone. Men really make me mad !! I cry everyday over every little thought and feeling I have. If you would like to chat with me on msn messenger, I am sure we could relate to eachother alot and maybe even help eachother. If you want to add me to your msn here is my email...


mom2b72 - May 16

I too know what you are going through. My suggestion would be to tell him you will keep him updated (let him know when dr appts are and email with any results from them), but otherwise keep your distance. The distance will definitely help you "get over" him emotionally. If you are in too much contact with him, you will constantly misinterpret things he says or does and either get mad or have hope that may not be appropriate. You need time to grieve the loss of the relationship and you can not do that with the constant communication with him. You have plenty of time to deal with visitation issues months down the road when you have more perspective on everything without being so emotionally involved. Good luck, and make sure to put yourself first emotionally. I know how hard it is, but it is something you need to do for you and your baby.


singlem0m - May 30

Hey New Here, I am going through the same exact thing! The father and I even went to a counselor which he proceeded to say he cares alot about this baby but doesn't give a darn about me. I told him I would like him to distance himself from me but then he got upset because he wants to be there for all the baby kicks and dr's appts. Yet when I'm throwing up in the toilet and can't mow my yard he refuses to help me. Its a very confusing feeling...its the hardest thing I've ever had to do. So I understand completely where you are coming from. Feel free to email me if you would like to talk some more By the way, I'm just 9 weeks



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