Anyone Gotten Pregnant From Rape

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name - September 21

Well I've been on this site my entire pregnancy, and this is the first time I've admitted that I'm pregnant from non-consentual s_x; date rape; whatever you call it. The ''man'' is actually my ex from 2 years ago, who I haven't had any contact with for 2 whole years, but whom I've still been in love with and trying to get over. Then after 2 years he shows up and I tell him I don't wanna have s_x, and I told him NO and STOP, but he didn't stop. It wasn't brutal or anything, he actually only thrusted 4 or 5 times before he 'came', so it was over in one minute. But this was someone I loved who did this to me. After I told him I was pregnant, he stated he wanted nothing to do with the baby and I've been alone this whole pregnancy. I am a single mother of a 4 yr old (by another dead beat dad who ran from his responsibilities), plus I'm expecting my son Nov 25. I'm doing this all by myself, plus I'm disabled. I didn't ask for this. Anyway, I guess my question is have any of you ever gotten pregnant from rape? Did you keep the baby? How did you feel about the child? When you look at it, do you think of the rapist? As for me, since the rapist was someone I had been with before, had a past relationship with, and loved, I don't feel like I am carrying a baby by some psycho who takes advantage of women. I feel like it is MY baby. I don't know. I guess I'm wondering if this has happened to anyone else.


name - September 22

Thanks docbytch. I have BPD and depression w/ anxiety. Actually in the beginning, I was called a lot of names on this forum because of my disability and how I felt about this pregnancy. A lot of cruel things were said. (Including how could I make the same mistake twice - being irresponsible and having a second child out of wedlock - I ''should have learned'' the first time)


name - September 22

Oh and docbytch, I don't have any support what so ever. My mom, of course, but she lives 45 minutes away. When she found out, she called me all kinds of names. "Are you so desperate that you had to jump in the sack immediately?"


docbytch - September 22

Name..don't mind her. she wants my baby to die in a stillbirth because I posted my story about 2 abortions I had back in my teens and early 20s. The thread asked specifically for people's stories. So she thinks I am a heinous b___h. Very entertaining reading if you check out the teen preg forum. I go on there because I was also a teen mom...tho I am now 40 and expecting #2. It sounds like you have had some rather harsh judgments on here too. I am very sorry that people have been mean to's not right. I recognize that people make mistakes. Oh...everyone except yahisaidit of course. do you have friends you can trust??


xoxoDENNIxoxo - June 26

well since u asked i thought i would answer, mite as well. yes, i got pregnant from rape. its had to admit that. i had no choice but to keep the baby, since i came from a roman catholic family and it was a boy. sad isnt it?? i, at first couldnt bear to look at my son, he didnt look anything like me, looked like a clone of his father. i still hav trouble looking in his eyes 7 yrs later. yes, my son does remind me of that b___d. i had once loved the guy who did this to me, which made it hard to accept. wow, ur story, it makes me sad but i can relate. xoxoDENNIxoxo


Teddyfinch - June 26

old post, but if you didn't want it, why keep it? it's not against catholic rule to adopt out a baby. i promise you God would rather you give the baby to a family that will love it and harbor no hard feelings towards it than look at it every day with disgust.


Cat24 - June 27

im shocked that nobody has mentioned that this guy belongs behind bars! name you really should report this guy to the Police. what he did was the actions of a 'psycho' he isnt right mentally and he shouldnt be able to go around thinking he can rape vulnerable women and get away with it. i dread to think how many rapists are walking this planet because their victims havent plucked up the courage to do what is right and get them convicted. could you imagine if something so horrific happened to your own child but she just did nothing because 'mommy just accepted it'. the guy is sick, ex boyfriend or not. and its these types of criminals that continue committing this sick crime more than ANY other type of criminal.



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