At First He Was Supportive Now I Don T Think He Really Cares

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mm - August 24

I'm 17 and first he was always there for me and he told me he loved eveything has changed and hes acting immature and doesn't treat me with respect...and i thaught we kinda broke it off..and we still sleep togeather casue i'm in love with him....but what i dunno what i means to him..i'm scared in the end i'll be alone broken hearted with the child.


brucen - July 31

You need to be there for you. Continuing to sleep with a guy who doesn't respect you, only sends the message that he can do whatever he wants, but you will still be "available". You should also keep in mind that becoming a father is probably freaking him out as much as becoming a mother is you. In your case you have no choice but to accept it, because your body is changing. Nothing has changed for him except he knows you are pregnant. Avioding you is avoiding the problem. Being alone with a child maybe a big pill to swallow, but it can be done. Start taking care of YOU, so that you can take care of baby.


mindy - July 31

The father of my one-month old daughter was very supportive until he kicked me out at 38 weeks pregnant and nowhere to go. Men don't change. The harsh reality is that he'll sleep with you just for the simple fact that men like s_x. But when a woman sleeps with a man, her body somehow makes a promise to him and becomes even more attatched. To avoid hurting yourself and your little one, avoid him. You all three will be better off in the long run. Trust me, If I am able to do this alone, then anyone can. Good luck.


Hypnotiq - August 14

I hate men...honestly to tell you the truth...Throughout my pregnancy I just feel emotionally vulnerable...I've been going with my guy for 4 years off and on now....And it still sucks...I'm trying to move out and get my own place, and maybe that will give me something to not worry about me and him so much.....I stay with my brother and I see him spending time with his girlfriend, and then all I want to do is run to my boyfriend...But, our fights really take all of my energy, and make me want to give up...But, I guess you just have to make yourself strong...And I will make it....I keep telling myself, and you will too....Don't stay stuck in one place too long, or you'll never get out...


beckyAK - August 17

OK, I' in a similiar situation... I'm 19 and am 7 months pregnant. I fell for a man who I got engaged to and moved in with very quickly. Well, he turned out to be someone very different when we moved in together. At first he was there, and said we could be together but I saw less and less of him. He eventually moved out. We still tried to work things out (still slept together) although we were not together (I wanted him to prove himself before I got back together with him). That was masochism because I ended up getting hurt time after time when he said he'd change... We stopped talking altogether because he was full of lies and bull and I couldn't take his c___p anymore. I think of my situation this way. My daughter and I will be happy no matter what. There are plenty of state programs to help single mothers (look into it! They'll even help you with college). Do you really want your child around fighting and problems between it;s parents? I personally would rather be single and happy then emotionally distraught and with my childs father. My advice to you is to break off emotional ties to him (if he wants to be there for the child that's wonderful, but that doesn't mean you need to sleep together... you'll get over him be strong!) because you don't need the stress caused by the immaturity and disrespect he's showing you.


patricia - August 18

I am in the same situation i am 18, and I love my babys daddy but hes changed alot in the last month he left me two months into my pregnacy it really sucks because i am so emotional and he ain't here for me when i really need him so i gave him a choose to be with me or leave me alone because it will only make me that much stronger for my self as well as my baby. I am not takeing the baby from him he'll be able to see it when it arives and when its conveniet for me to let him see our baby but hes only gonna hurt you and your fetus if you let him come in and out of your pregnacy. I tould mines I'll let you know what i am having and call you when i am in labor other wise i dont want nothing to do with you oh dont forget about child support after the baby is here. it was so hard to tell him but i had to other wise i would cry every day i wasent happy. i am still not happy this is my first baby i should be happy but when i have to deal with my babys daddy in and out of my pregnacy making me depressed, nope so i made that choose to tell him so the wont be ours it will be mines. I tryed sleeping with my babys dad and all it does is keep thoes fellings there having him be around me makes me miss him so much so i had to cut him off or i am going to at the end of this month if he dont want to be with me.


amy - August 23

im in the same position,at first he couldnt of been more nice if he tried but it has all changed and i realised he had been cheating on me,ive told him that i want nothing more to do with him and you should do the same. If you do carry on sleeping with this man you are gonna end up more hurt in the long run and remember he is probaly sleeping with other girls 2 so make sure you use protection or you could catch an std and pa__s it on to ur baby good luck with everything and remember ur not alone


Michelle - August 24

I'm 24 yrs old and 4 months pregnant. My ex is totally supportive of the baby, but treats me like c___p. Were friends and that's about it. We just got out of a 4 1/2 relationship and while we were broken up I got pregnant. Now his excuse is, "I was single for six months and I got used to it and it's hard for me to just jump right into it again" BULL CRAP. Ladies never believe a man who says that line to you. However, I'm doing just fine. I don't know what I would do without my family. I could honestly say that I have the perfect family anyone could ever have. God has bless me so much. I don't need the baby's father. He only want's me around only when it's to his convience. I like the silent method. Turn off the cell phone for days and make them wonder where your at. Believe me it works.


Jessie - November 9

hello u don't need to worry i am 17 and i am 6 months pregnant and my bf leaf me



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