Baby Daddy Is Not Happy About Pregnancy

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Babymama3871 - December 24

Hi well I'm 5 weeks pregnant and baby daddy wants me to abort and is not happy. I am 37 went off the pill for one month just to see if my cycle could be normal as it was not prior to going on the pill, and I got pregnant. I did neglect to tell him I stoped taking the pill, but I NEVER thought I would get pregnant this fast. He loves his son from his first marraige and we always talk about having kids of our own,. He is in a 2+ year battle with soon to be ex over visitation and I love his son very much and I know he would love a new brother or sister. He says he has too much stress in his life now to deal with this. i feel this is a blessing and a miracle and I can't see it any other way, I also want him involved b/c he is so good with his first son and when not being a stubborn mule, a decent guy. Do you think he'll turn around?


Miris - December 25

Hi, I had the same problem when I told him when I was 6 weeks. I am 13 weeks now and although hes not as excited as I am now. He is coming around and being more involved and wanting this more everyday. My advice to you is to stay strong love your baby and give it time.


gummibear - December 25

I think the decision to abort is a very personal one, and one I wouldn't make just b/c the father can't deal with it. Hypothetically, if this guy died or disappeared off the face of the earth five minutes before you ever had the opportunity to tell him you were preggers, would you have kept the baby or aborted him/her? If the answer is 'keep', you have your answer... don't worry about the guy. If he's truly decent, he'll come around. If he isn't, and he doesn't, well, he didn't deserve you to begin with, much less your child. Don't forget that abortions affect you physically as well as emotionally; they leave their mark on you permanently. He - and all men - would do well to remember that before demanding that any woman obtain an abortion.


Quantess - January 9

It sounds like you don't want an abortion, and it ultimately is your decision. You can take into account how he feels about it, but you are the one who has a fetus growing inside of you, and whose body is changing, so your opinion trumps his, IMHO. Besides, you are 37 and you might not get another chance. Does he realize that?



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