Baby Number 3

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Karen - November 17

Father not around to comfort me or help me in any way no where else to turn. have been really moody and throwing things at paople and I am loosing a lack of intrest in things I also have a feeling of constant pressure down in my va___a. I have been having early labor pains that come every five to seven minutes I am scared out of my mind I don't want to loose my third baby what could be going wrong?? I am also very very weepy. I am only a month along. I am having severe back labor too. I am cramping in my abdomine too. I may have a tilted pelvis. I have never been to OBGYN either. I am 22 and lost my first baby at 4 months no thanks to a 10 year old child punching me in the stomach and the 2nd at a month don't know how and I might be loosing this one. I am heart broken any advice is gretaly appreciated I can be reached at [email protected] ALL THESE SIGNS ARE ALL TO FAMILIAR TO ME I WILL LET YOUY ALL KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON I WILL BE HEART BROKE IF I LOSE THIS BABY I am almost in tears right now!!!! PLEASE HELP


Isabel - November 17

Karen, it doesn't sound like your married. This could be God's way of saying, "Get your plan stright!" Date a guy fwithout having s_x for a couple years. Get married. Get to know your new husband for a couple or five years. THEN have a child that will be born into a stable, loving and committed relationship. Try that is you can.


Monique - November 18

Isabel, who are you to judge, you probably never got pregnat anyway, You dont know how it feels like loosing a baby you badly want. Who are you to say God is purnishing Karen by killing her children. As far as i know God will not her Children, Read your bible get your facts straight.


Jessica - November 18

Um Karen.. How about..Go to the doctor!!


bmorebabe - November 18

Isabel how do you have any right to say such a thing? That was totally unfair. Karen I have a friend that had multiple miscarriages and needed to be put on progesterone suppositories so that her body didnt reject the pregnancy and even though her baby was premature she is an extremely healthy 2 year old. You really need to get to the doctor ASAP you might need to go to a specialist for high risk pregnancies. But definately go NOW before it is too late, and when you call let them know about your past pregnancy problems they might be able to get you in that day. I wish you much luck and hope that everything works out in the end.



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