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Christan - June 14

I am 36 weeks and the father of my baby and I are not together. He is just now calling and wanting to be involved (so he says). I was going to give the baby my last name; however, if the baby's father agrees to place his name on the birth certificate and signs the Affidavit of Parentage, stating that he is baby’s father should the baby then have his last name? If we decide on a hyphenated last name whose name goes first...mine or his? Thank you.


LillyBell - June 14

Well.... if it were me, I would still put my last name on the birth certificate, but definitly put the father's name on it & have him sign it. Hyphenated last names are good in theory, but my experience (I hyphenated years ago during my marriage) is that hyphenating is a pain in the a__s. The hypen was always causing screw ups in computer systems (i.e. reservations, filling out forms, etc). Instead of a hypen, if you really want the baby to have his fathers last name, maybe you could make the last name the baby's middle name (no hypenation).


mischelly30 - June 14

I would also argue against hyphenation. I hyphenated when I got married (I am now divorced), and it backfired...everyone just dropped the first part of the name and used the second.


pinkbo0tlace - June 17

DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT HYPHENATE!!!!! DO NOT! lol...bad idea. Have the baby have your last name...YOU DESERVE IT! YOU ARE A BEAUTIFUL MOMMY! He can't just "want to be involved" out of the blue! men suck! lol. If your child is a boy, give it your last name, but if he IS INDEED, involved, when the baby is one, you could change the last name. That's what I'm gunna do if I have a boy.


sa__sifras - June 20

Too little too late!!! I agree, it costs about $150 here in AZ to change a last name but if that is something that he wants, then he can pay for it. If he ends up not being involved, then you never have to worry about it. Men can't come and go when they please, put his name on the certificate but give the baby your name. If it bothers him then he should have thought about being involved a little earlier.


sunshyne9 - June 21

I also agree that you should just give the baby your last name.. I mean what if after the baby is born he for some reason takes off again or whatever.. Your baby should have your last name for now and if anything ever changed like you 2 got married or anything like that.. then you could change his/her name to your husbands when you change your name. Much easier that way I believe.


landens_mom - June 29

When I had my son the father and I were no longer together. He signed the birth certificate but I gave him my last name. I told the father that he would have to prove to me that he was really willing to commit to this child before he got his last name. It's been 3 years and he's been actively involved with my son so we had his last name changed to his fathers. It worked out that way. If I were you I'd give the child your last name for can always change it and if the father really wants to be involved in his life he'll sign the birth certificate....good luck.


chelsey22 - June 30

my ex and I were together for 2 and a half years, one week to the day after we broke up i found out i was pregnant, i understand to pressure and a__sanine things people maybe saying, but remember you are going to be in your childs life no matter what, you owe him nothing especially if you aren't sure of his dedication. it's YOUR



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