Baby Without A Father

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CNoel - December 6

I am 22 and 34 weeks pregnant now with a baby boy. The father and I were together in school on a small Dutch island. When I found out about the baby, he said if I kept the baby, I would never hear from him. Indeed. He moved out of the country to Canada. I am now in the US again. He has not called, and won't answer my calls or emails or IM's. I called his parents to tell them about the baby just two weeks ago because I got tired of being patient with him (he begged me not to do this- and said he would kill himself if I called his family). They just said "okay we'll talk to him" and they of course never called and won't answer my calls. I am not sad for myself, but the idea that he won't ever meet his father devastates me. He is from India so there is whole other culture my son will live his life wondering about. Any suggestions on how in the world to make sure the baby doesn't feel hated or rejected by his father???


Anne - December 7

Show him all the love that you can. Someday in your life someone else will come along and fill that void- you will get married and whoever you marry will love and father your baby. Either way, you have not control over what the father does. He sounds immature, especially if telling his parents would make him want to kill himself. All you can do for this baby is give it a stable living environment and love the baby with all your being. The father doesn't sound very stable- is he something that you want your child exposed to? You can give your baby just as much if not more


bmorebabe - December 8

I can definately relate to this situation my babys father left me when I was 6 weeks and I still havent heard from him, my daughter will be 4 weeks old tomorrow. I called his mother and she said he denies her as being his and she wants nothing to do with her and oh by the way he has another child a 5 yo in TX that he also does not support. In my case I am just going to have to be a strong mother role model for her since there will be no father figure in her life. All I can say to you is this- Be strong and you CAN do it on your own, we all can. Best wishes to you and your little miracle and God bless.


E - December 8

OMG - I cannot believe the nerve you have (keefersmom). Please Keefersmom, GIVE YOUR CHILDREN UP FOR ADOPTION. There, how does that sound? You are so out of line for talking that way to ANYONE on this board! Poor Keefer for having such a judgmental and AWFUL mother. Please go away and find something useful to do with your pathetic self.


E - December 8

Ewww. Keefersmom makes me so sick to my stomach. Lady, you will get yours someday and I hope it hurts.


Kristen - December 8

To CNoel: my son's father left me when i was 3 months pregnant because he was scared to be a dad. my son is 2 years old now. when i was 5 months pregnant i meet my husband. he treats my son as his home and he is the only father my son know. My son's Bi-logical father's mother and sister are apart of my son's life. this year just before my son's 2nd birthday was the first time his Bi-logical father had seen him. his Bi-logical father had gotten into alot of trouble after he left me and is now locked up and the only reason he has seen his son is because his sister had asked me and my son to come with her when she went to she him. He cried when he seen his son because he relized what he had been missing and he hates himself for it. so if you need someone to talk to you can email me at [email protected] its not easy to have someone leave you because your pregnant. you have a wonderful thing growing in you charish him he will bring many smiles to your face.



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