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Soworried - May 17

Okay here is my situation. Im pregnant (in 3rd trimester) I had a fling i guess u could say with this guy i know. He hates me because i wouldnt get an abortion and said its my fault and now i have to raise the baby without him because he doesnt want it. I was going to go tell his parents that they have a grandson but he threatend me and told me he would show my mother the pictures we took while we were playing around during s_x. I dont want my mom to think im a s___t so ive kept back on telling his parents. I dont think its very fair that i have to do this alone when hes the one who provided the sperm. is there anyway i can make sure my mom NEVER sees those pictures? like legally make sure?


Stephanie - May 17

If you took pictures while the two of you were having s_x, and he has the copies, there legally is not much that you can do about it. Especially since they were taken with the consent of both parties. I would tell you mom about the pictures that you took, tell her you were experimenting or something like that, and then go ahead and tell his parents. They have a right to know that they will be having a grandson, regardless if they want anything to do with him or not. Just make sure that you get child support from him and focus on a making a happy life for you and your child. Good Luck.


~S~ - May 17

If I were you, I would inform my mother of the situation. Tell her about your "fling" not wanting you to have the baby, tell her about you wanting to inform his parents and tell her what he's threatening of doing if you tell his parents. Tell her about the pictures, tell her that they are very s_xual and graphic, that it was something you were experimenting with and that you felt comfortable at the time to allow it to happen. Whatever you do behind closed doors (s_x wise) is NO ONES buisness. I'm sure your mom did some nasty things behind her closed doors once upon a time. Once you inform her of them, she most likely will not care to see them if presented to her by your fling, so you have nothing to worry about. Good luck.


April - May 17

I agree 100% with Stephanie and ~S~ ... he can't blackmail you if your mom knows everything...


April - May 17

and hey.. you never know.. your mom might be able to help you get the pictures back... if you tell his parents and he tries to show the pics to your mom she can take them and tear them into tiny pieces...


Aaron Oneal - June 3

girl let me tell you from a mans advice im 14 and have a pregnant gurlfriend and i stuck with her through her pregnancy hes screwed up for not being there for you so don't worry about him ohh and tell his parents what hes doing to you they'd be more worried about what he did than what you both did.



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