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ProudSingleMomma! - October 14

I just wanted to tell everyone to be strong and be proud. If nothing else this site should make you realize that you are not alone. SO many women on here are in the same boat in one way or another. Men can be dogs is many, many ways but we are the stronger gender with the ability to rise above are circ_mstances and do our best. The little lives we are now responsible for are a blessing no matter what the situation surronding them is! When it seems like the whole world is the "perfect family" and you are all alone please remember that no matter what "YOU are best mother for YOUR child," regardless what some days and people make you think! GOOD LUCK AND MANY BLESSINGS TO YOU!!!!!


thank you!! - October 14

And i just want to add that when you think everything isn't going to get better. It does. So keep trying and keep you're faith and learn to be strong not only for yourself but for your baby. You may need to make sacrifices and change things in your life, but it is all truly worth it. I havent had my son yet, but I love him with all of my heart, and I have a lot of people telling me i cant do this and such. But they are wrong, and always have been and im not letting that stop me from doing what i know it right in my heart, and what i want to do. So be strong and proud of your decision and keep your chin up.


dew - October 15

you girls are so sweat. I couldn't have said it better myself. thanks


Well Said - October 15

Plus alot of children who do not have fathers in their lives and have strong mother figures(boy or girl) go on to do such great things. So keep your head up and remember you are the best.


ProudSingleMomma - October 16

Someone told me that "the only situation a child knows is the one they are raised in." It is so true! They don't know what it is like to have a father and it doesn't matter. It is the same as not knowing what living in the country is like when your from the city or not knowing what it is like to have a sister is you have all brother. Whatever the situation if it is filled with a love that makes them feel safe, secure and important they will thrive! They other day my little neighbor girl was playing outside (she is 6) and the mail man came to deliver a package and he said "hi sweety, is your mom or dad home?" and she said without missing a beat while jump roping "I don't have a dad but my mom is inside." Now, that type of thought would have broke my heart a few months ago but why? It doesn't even occur to her to be sad about it why should I let it be a issue. She loves her mom, her house and her friends and family she does have. There is no need to create a issue that isn't there. Remember...happiness can be a waay of life! Take care..........


michele - October 16

thanks. I was feeling a little down and i needed this strong message.


Thank you! - October 17

It is really nice to hear encouragment like this. When everything becomes so negative it is nice to have a reminder of all the positive things that are so easily overlooked! Good luck everyone!!!


Go Laaadies, U R Beautiful - October 17

With determination and spirit we shall move forward all the while knowing that we are so very fortunate and strong and that through this... our happiness will prevail


Trin - October 19

I love all you ladies out there, you may not realise what hearing such words means to some of us who have been going thru a rough time. This fora has really helped me, everyday i must open this page, l look for insiration from here, you are the best and keep it up. I can say i have had bad moments, i am now 14 weeks along, though i can say i am stronger its still a strugle given that i have not told my family yet, that's is next on the agenda but still puzzled how i am gonna handle it!!! any ideas??


ProudSingleMomma - October 19

To Trin: Be confident and have a plan when you tell them. It will only seem like a crisis if you approach it like it is. I would like to help more but I would prefer to do it on another page or by e-mail. No offense, but I would just like this page to stay focused on general encouragement for as long a possible. I didn't tell my family til I was 20 weeks because of being scared, so I do understand. My e-mail is Take care and hope to hear from you soon!


ProudSingleMomma - October 19

"Be who you are and say how you feel...those who mind don't matter, those who matter don't mind!" -----------------------Dr.Seuss


Trin - October 20

Thank u Proud singlemomma, i have sent you an e-mail.


Blessed Be - October 24

No matter the situation babies are a blessing. It is just a matter of looking at the gla__s as half full. Perspective makes the difference. Once you have your little bundle, I promise you won't be able to imagine life with out them!


Sage - October 27

It is really nice to just hear these positive things...for me it is stuff that I know deep inside but I have trouble remembering. We are strong, blessed and beautiful females! Thanks everyone for being positve. Congrats and Good luck in whatever the situation!



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