Better Off Single

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Mara - April 19

I am so depressed and feel that I would be better off being single... it's just hard when you have been with one person for 7 years... We got engaged about 2 Christmas ago, and I think that we should be married by now, but he keeps blaming it on saving money. If you really wanted to marry someone, you would just do it, right? Vegas... anything. He is a major computer geek, and spends 99% or his time talking with his geek buddies online talking about electronics... I feel like I am nothing to him. 2 days ago was my birthday and we didn't do much, just a cheep cheezie resturant, that's it nothing else... Then the next day, we got in a fight over a key, which he accused me of having... asking me where it was. Then when I get out of bed... I found it in his pocket in the laundry.... Then he gets mad at me for being upset about it... instead of apoligizing... a-hole... He was pointing his finger in my face... which is a no no for me... I am no body's child... I don't have any parents and don't think I should be disrespected like that. Then he started bring up other stuff... I didn't want to argue, and just left home, and did not return till midnight, then slept on the sofa. The next day, he comes up and gives me a kiss... saying h__lo... I was like... HELLO! What the fuzzz about yesterday, I just acted cold and he looked like... what's wrong... Man I just wanted to shank him with my pen... Most of this relationship has been like I've been living with a friend... If I was in a better job, and had more to live with than just pay check to pay check... I would just leave. To top things off... My sister is also our roommate, and I convinced her to move in, so we could afford a huge 3 bedroom apartment which is awesome. I took the engagement ring off and threw it in the closet somewhere.. I am so not getting married. I am just going to try and stay stress free, because I've already had 2 m/c and in the fall, take as many online classes as possible. I am just tired of being ignored in a relationship, I feel like nothing... It sucks too when you don't have any friends, and made him your only friend for so long... If I had someone, I could just go over to their house and hang out most of the time. I just wish I was single, but then again, I would probably have some other drama to deal with. I am even worried that after I have my baby, he will just ignore him/her too, so I told my sister that as long as she is home, whenever, please make sure my baby is not alone all the time and sad... I know i should make myself happy... Even though I am with someone, I feel as though I am single... maybe I will check out tons Mommie and Me things to do, when I am not working. My Mom was a single parent, and my sister and I grew up great without a father, I suppose the cycle is just continuing... This is just me venting... I know that there are a lot of other women out there that have much more serious things going on... this is just my serios issue.


ellie - April 20

you have to get rid of him.. how annoying must it b for u. it doesnt sound like u love him anymore, or that he loves you. i think that some relationships end up just being a habit, you dont want to be there but you have nowhere else to go. you should look at meeting someone new, and gettin urself some friends girl! i understand what u mean by just being friends with him, i had that sorta relationship with my x, i ended up with no other friends. i realised that the only reason i was still there was because i had noone else. but that shouldnt b the only reason to stay with someone, especially an a- hole like he sounds!! good luck with your baby, and with ur future!! .:.::baby dust to all::.:.



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