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Tasha - December 17

i am 13 weeks pregnant and i just got home from the hospital. i had gas pains last night and i went to the bathroom because it felt like discharge coming out but it was blood. i went to the hospitalimmediately and they did exams on me and everything. my cervix is closed tightly and the baby is perfectly fine. they told me sumthing in my placenta tore and made me bleed. i was just wondering if there are any other girls out there who this happened to at all. if so please let me know what happened because it really freaked me out.


kristie - January 25

The same thing happened to me, although there was no v____al bleeding. Just strong strong cramping pain in my upper stomache. I'm 16 weeks pregnant i went to the hospital and they said that my cervix was closed, the baby looked and sounded fine, but that there was slight bleeding in the placenta due to a small tear. Then they sent me home and put me on bedrest. Thats it. So i got freaked a little and jumped on the computer. I have to see my normal doctor Friday but I still have no idea how sever it is. Tasha, if you see this or anyone has had the same thing happen and has some advice please email me.... kristiecolli at yahoo dot com


chrissy - February 23

i was bleeding at 13 weeks pregnant i felt like i had cramps or something or thought it was from being constipated or something but than i was bleeding i rushed to the Er and the babys heart beat was 160 and my internal was normal. 3 days later i was still bleeding went to my doctor told the same thing and got an ultra sound and it was all normal its now been almost a week and the bleeding is still happening i have an appointment tomorrow.. im wondering though how long it takes before a miscarriage would start to occur if it was going to.. or if im probably ok after being checked out..


Audrey - February 23

Bleeding such as this might or might not be a threatened miscarriage, but it's not normal and a doctor would likely put you on bed rest until the problem resolves itself. If a miscarriage is imminent you'll feel heavy cramps and the bleeding will be heavy enough to soak through a maxi pad in an hour or less. I wish you ladies the best!


Natasha - October 13

I am kind of in the same boat. I am 10 weeks and today i have spotting after my first doctor's exam. They told me that is was coming from my cervix and not my pregnancy, but it still freaks me out.


dew - October 13

I had a miscarriage three years ago. It started with bleeding and cramping. 15 minutes later I was at the hospital and the miscarriage had already taken place. the blood (according to the doctor) was from my body getting rid of anything that could eventually harm me. I would listen to the doctors and try to get as many ultrasounds as you can afford, just to keep your mind at ease. I also bled early in my current pregnancy too, it was like I had my period. I went to the emergency room many times, and even paid for ultrasounds 5 times just to be sure. I'm 7 1/2 months now and still going strong. Don't worry yourselves, every pregnancy is different but it's in god's hands now. all you can do is take good care of yourselves and rest. don't stress, it's solves nothing. I know that's easy to say, but I've been there. treat yourself like a queen until you feel better. I'll pray for you all.


New2Motherhood - October 14

I had bleeding at a couple different points through out my pregnancy. The first was at about thirteen weeks and and then spotting after every appt. after about 30 weeks. Sometimes there was cramping and sometimes not. Things like this can just happen during pregnancy-your body is doing all kind of stuff. At one point around 24 weeks I had super bad cramps and horrible pain in my was really scary. Then I started to notice blood when I used the restroom - I finally went to the doctor and it turns out it was a kidney stone. Apparently, they are more common during pregnacy but they don't know why. If it worries you go to the doctor or at least call. Seriously, I was so worried about calling or going and having nothing be wrong even though my midwife made it very clear she did not care, it is better to be safe and get the piece of mind. Many blessings....


Josh - January 1

My girlfriend is in her early stages of pregnancy, and she is experiencing v____al bleeding, and cramping. We went to the hospital and the doctor did another pregnancy test and it was positive, then she was discharged, he didn't tell her why should could be having these symptoms or anything, it is the night after the visit to the hospital and the cramping and bleeding is still occuring, so we really don't know what to do either. You'll just have to wait it out unless you can find a better doctor than we did which is doubtful. Just wait it out and see what happens.


g - January 1

I am so sorry your going through this. I almost lost the baby at 6 weeks due to a threatened miscarriage. I bleed for over 3 weeks and was put on bed and no s_x rest. Don't eat( chocolate cuz it has caffine in it-for now)and drink no caffine and rest! I'm now in my 6 month so miricles can happen! Good luck .



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