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Sasha - February 11

Who is this guy? And why does he seem to desperately want to father the many single women's child on this board??


anita - February 12

thats a good question..i was wondering that one myself. i mean, i personally don't think it's appropriate to treat this like a dating site and come on to every pregnant woman that's in a delicate emotional state, but that's just me. who knows, maybe somebody wants that.


bondt007 - February 12

All I want is one woman who wants a good guy in her life and appreciates me just as I am. I don't want to go from woman to woman, cause that is not right nor do I like doing it. I just want one pregnant woman who will appreciate me and let me do right by them, cause a pregnant woman who is alone doesn't deserve to be alone, cause they are too beautiful and precious to be alone.


Lilli P. - February 12

so, bond.... how many pregnant women have you found?


bondt007 - February 12

Truth be told, I've met plenty of pregnant women, but none that have ever wanted me to be there for them and help them out and treat them like the princesses they are. I hope to find just one lucky lady. My Yahoo ID is gamemastertommy. Hopefully one woman will want to give me a chance, cause I take being with a pregnant woman very seriously.


CALL ME CYNICAL - February 12

But this guy sounds scary to me. Why a pregnant woman? Why not any woman? Only reason to choose a SINGLE pregnant woman has already been stated. They are most likely to be in a "delicate emotional state" and much easier to manipulate. Underneath all of that "sensitivity" even you (bondt007) has to be able to see that and recognize how sc_mmy this can look to us. Oh and what's that yahoo ID about? Gamemaster? I think it may be right. You are telling off on yourself. You think this is a game. RUN GIRLS RUN!


anita - February 12

you don't sound like a bad guy, i just wonder if you're someone who has a fetish for pregnant women. it just seems strange that you're only looking for women who are already pregnant...i mean, it's one thing to meet someone and they just happen to be pregnant, but it seems strange to deliberately seek out women who are already pregnant. alot of the women you hit on are having serious problems and the last thing they need is a guy using them to satisfy his urge to be w/ a pregnant woman. it's great if you want to help, but if your main attraction to them is the fact that they're pregnant, how are you gonna feel about them after their babies are born?


bondt007 - February 12

To any woman who actually realizes I am a genuine good guy, I thank you. Cause I just want a woman who is genuine and sincere and appreciates me just as I am. Would you like it if you were asked to change for a guy? I wouldn't ask a woman to change for me cause I respect a woman for who they are. And to answer your question about would I want the woman who chose me after they give birth, the answer is yes. Because if a woman chooses me to be with, I take that as an honor and privilege.


Sasha - February 12

But the burning question is why the pregnant women?? It does seem like some kind of pregnant fetish? And why the online thing? Where do you live bond?? How can you be sure that the woman you want that you find online lives near you?


bondt007 - February 18

I do have a fetish for pregnant women, but it doesn't change how I feel when I find the right woman. I'm a simple, down-to-earth guy if you get to know me.


hello - February 18

Bondtoo7, do you have an addiction for pregnant women? Why don't you stand outside of an Ob/GYN clinic and leave this poor women alone?


bondt007 - February 21

I don't have an addiction to pregnant women. I do find them beautiful, but I am not gonna from woman to woman.



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