Boyfriend Doubts Paternity

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steph2004 - May 18

Me and my boyfriend started seeing each other April 1st (We have known each other 12yrs though) We talked about birth control when we started seeing each other and decided not to use any because we both wanted kids.....then when I told him I was pregnant last Wed. his reply was "It isn't mine".....I can't believe him we have known each other and been friends since we were sister is married to his brother.......I haven't returned his calls since then(I just got up and walked out of the house) so I haven't talked to him since....I don't understand he was the one that talked me into not using birth control and he has to knowhow hard this is for me since I lost my only son two years ago....anyone have any thoughts or advice.


New Here - May 19

Wow, that is an interesting situation. Has he tried to contact you since you walked out? I give you credit for being strong enough to do that, sometimes I feel like I am such a wimp. But it seems like if you plan on having the baby you are going to have to deal with him at some point. If you are certain it is his, I would very simply state the facts to him - I am pregnant with your child and I am certain it is yours because you are the only person I have slept with. I don't know why you would question it as I don't feel you have any reason to. As you may recall, you encouraged me not to use birth control therefore the fact that I am pregnant shouldn't come as any surprise. In fact, since you were a willing participant in having unprotected s_x with me, I a__sumed that if I did get pregnant, you would be okay with the situation. If you are now not okay with it, you still need to act as a responsible party where the child is concerned. END OF STORY!


steph2004 - May 19

Yes, he has tried to call and come over but I wouldn't answer the door or the phone. Today my sister came over because he had went and talked to her.....supposedly he was just kidding and he didn't think I wold just leave and not talk to him....I think I will wait a couple more days then go talk to him.....if he was joking its not funny at all but I find it hard to believe he was joking.


chanel - June 2

Hi there, well what can i say typical man, im sort of in the same boat as you, i am now 14 weeks pregnant and by boyfriend walked out on me and is also questioning paternity, i dont know if its because they are scared or if they just dont wanna face up to responsability, either way once the baby is born they gonna want rites to their children, but its really not fare why should we go through 9 months of an emotional rolacoster for them to benefit, as much as i love my babies father i know its not worth it.


steph2004 - June 4

It has been awhile since I posted. We have talked a lot since and he said he really was joking and apologizes still to this day. He acts happy and has told his whole family and we have moved in together. Hopefully it all works far he has been great except for when I told him.



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