Boyfriend Threw Me Out 16 Weeks

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Hurting - January 21

When I told my boyfriend that I was pregnant he told me to have an abortion, of course I didnt. Things were a little rocky after that but not bad. Arguments over little things. Then at 16 weeks pregnant he says hes not happy and kicks me out of our house. Two days later he moved a stripper and her child into our home. She didnt want anything to do with him 2 years ago when he wanted her, then she calls him knowing that Im pregnant and tells him that she wants to be with him. Now he wants to have joint custody and come to the doctors visits. (Im 4 months pregnant and he was so disinterested before that he doesnt even know the doctors name.) I dont want him to have anything to do with me or this baby because hes just doing this to hurt me even more. How can they give any kind of custody to a person that can treat a pregnant woman like that?


Randi - January 23

I'm in the same boat, or maybe I will be. I also am preg. 9 wks. My fiance and I have been fighting badly lately, I have a feeling he's trying to kick me out. I just lost me job, and wants me to pay more for rent and stuff. Hopefully, he would be moving ina stripper. That's like a big slap in the face. I wouldn't let him have anything to do with the baby either. What a jerk. You and your baby will make it just fine. At least thats what I keep telling myself.


JAT - January 24

Although you are hurt by your childs father you must remember your actions moving forward are all about your baby. I am not saying get over it, just try to focus on what your needs. Do what is truly best for your baby. Don't let pride or hurt prevent you from getting the financial support you need for your baby. Courts do not just take a baby from the mother unless the father can prove she is unfit - for example he would have to prove things like you used drugs and jepordized the health of your unborn child.... Good luck and my prayers are with you.


samantha - February 25

i think why should he leave you for a stipper, stippers are nasty and have no respect for them selfs but i bet your going to find a good man that will love you and your baby coming you don't need him. Just because he's your baby daddy doesn't mean you have to be with him


m - February 25

maybe the stripper's baby is his??



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