Boyfriend Walked Out On Me While Pregnant

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susan - November 21

my abusive boyfriend of 5 years has just walked out on me and i am 20 weeks pregnant with his baby . he has come out of prison a month ago . he was there for hitting me again while i was 10 weeks pregnant with this baby .while he was in prison , he told me that he would support me and our unborn child when he finally gets out of prison . since he has been out , he has been fairly good to me but now he said that he does not want to support us . he has gone back to his old ways .he lives in my house and don't want to pay me any money at all for living there . he also said that he does not want to break up with me but he does not want to support me and unborn child . i have 2 sons from a previous relationship living with me too . i am a 36 years old depressive and i don't know what to do .the word abortion keeps on popping into my head . i have already aborted 2 of his babies before . my parents keeps on telling me that he is only using me . maybe they are right . should i abort it or keep it without his help.


get rid of him - November 22

You're 20 weeks pg, that's too late for an abortion. But if you have two kids already and live with an abusive man, then you're putting their lives in danger also. Get rid of him, keep the baby or give it up for adoption. Don't let a man run your life - be smart and fix the situation for yourself and for your children!


jen - November 22

If you would like to talk just email me.


jen - November 22

If you would like to talk just email me. [email protected]


barb - November 23

sounds like he's using you. I was used for years by my man (a prison type too). Well I finally got pregnant and where did he go? He moved in with some woman with three of her own children. I guess she's more of a doormat than I was. Whatever. I've learned not to let another man use me. Get your hoops lined up and make 'em jump through them. Men should work for the candy! I wish I figured this one out earlier....


lauren - November 25

oh my gosh this sound alot like my situation. My ex wasn't so much pysically abusive, as mentally but i can relate to you 100%. i also terminated 2 of my prgnacies with him. when i got pregnat with him the last time he kicked me out of our house, we were together for 6 years. You don't need a man to have this baby i am totally pro chioce so you will do what is right for you, but i want you to know that after all i went through i did alot of soul searching and decided to continue with this pregnancy, i am now 39 weeks and due in 2 weeks and very happy with my descision. I know this is hard but trust in your self and you will do what is right for you. You dont need his help and you dont need him around you, i think you should listen to your parents he is only using you by the sounds of what you wrote. You deserve a man who will treat you right, i say kick his sorry a__s to the curb and concentrate on being the best mom you can be to your other two children and do something for yourself to make you happy. good luck


SINGLE MOTHER - November 25

I think 20wks is to late to abort, u need to get out of this relationship for your 2 kids u already have and think about ur self worth, thank god u have ur parents in ur life please get out before its 2 late my bestfriend was killed and we never thought that it would get that bad and their two year old daughther was left in the home with her dead mothers body for 4 days no food nothing so please get out and u can do it I am a single mother of four kids my husband same father of all kids decide he was tired of the family life and left I didn't know what to didn't know where to turn now after a long year I am doing great it was hard work yet when I look at all my kids i just don't know what life would be like without them and I don't ever want to know. best of luck !!!!



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