Broken Hearted

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pinkbo0tlace - June 17

Oh you guys, lol. Man, I have NO idea where to start. Well, I got pregnant in March, and my now ex bf dumped me at the end of April, because I did not get an abortion. Two weeks after we broke up, he started having s_x with a "friend" (whom we BOTH hung out with while we were together!) and now they "really enjoy eachothers company", etc...etc...She has totally replaced me in his life, just like I vanished and she just magically came about. She hangs out with his family, friends, etc...everything me & him used to be. People see them getting there freak on in public, and they call eachother constantly. I am so broken hearted. I love this man with all of my heart, but it's very easy to too see he does not love and respect me. I have been so depressed I cry every day (im now 4 months) and I had to get on anti-depressants. He is more then willing to have s_x with me, but it's hush-hush to his "friend", and tells me that she is just a "time filler" and he wants to "do what he is gunna do before the baby is born and has to settle down" - meaning, he is using this girl. She talks horrible about me too, and she doesn't know me on a personal level! how rude! also - my ex love is getting more and more into drugs, which breaks my heart because I knew him BEFORE he was EVER like this!! I just feel shattered!! How can I get over him? I don't want to cry anymore!


pinkbo0tlace - June 18

ahh people help! lol


mischelly30 - June 19

Hey...I have posted this advice elsewhere, but I'll gladly reiterate here. It never ceases to amaze me how many true jerks there are out in the word. Please, whatever you do, continue to recognize that his behavior is immature, inappropriate, disrespectful, and emotionally harmful. Please don't go back to him if or when he comes to realize that he made a mistake!! You will get over him, but it will take some time. My best advice on speeding the process up is distance yourself from him...whatever it takes. You need the time alone to process, accept what has happened and the finality of the relationship, and heal. Request that he not contact you throughout the remainder of your pregnancy, with the proviso that you will contact him if there is any change on the status of your condition. If he doesn't respect that, then do what I did with my ex-, and get a restraining order for harra__sment. They'll give you one, trust me, esp. since his treatment of you has clearly had some negative (and doc_mentable) health effects (aka, the depressive episode) that could be potentially harmful to your child. Good luck.



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