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sandy - October 11

HI! I'm 6 mo pregnant and I am 19 years old. I live with my sister and her husband and their two children. Ive been here for a month and have been desperatly trying to look for a job, but as soon as i have the interviews and they see that im pregnant, they dont hire me. Its extremely stressful because I have no money, but I have lotsa support. I dont want to be in this situation forever. And i dont want my sister and her husband having to support me and my baby when he comes. Does anyone know any way that I can make some money? I've applied everywhere around here and I am currently trying to get on welfare. But nothing has happened yet. I would really appreciate some help. Please. I'm desperate.


- October 11

what about fast food, they are always hiring


heather - October 11

try again for welfare they can help you to find ajob and better ur self, let them know u need to pay ur sister and her husband rent in order to stay, and finacially, it would not be fare for them considering they already have two children. how far along r u?


heather - October 11

sorry i now see it says ur 6mths duh.. i was just thinking because if they don't notice maybe you don't have to tell, what about babysitting?


dew - October 11

what state do you live in? are you in the city or in area? I'm not a stalker butI may be able to help. keep in mind that the reason many people don't want to hire you is that you won't have much energy over the next three months. I'm 7 months and I can barely wake up in the morning, sometime I sleep until 12pm. so what ever job you do seek shouldn't require you to work odd hours or too many hours. trust me you won't be able to do it. also you may want to research the laws in your state regarding maternity leave, in my (CT) you have to be working for at least 3 months before getting maternity leave. If your state is the same, you may want to continue with the welfare idea.


dew (correction) - October 11

i meant, do you live in a city or a rural area?


sandy - October 11

I live in Iowa. Its a nice little city with not many people. The walmart and the bowling alley are the hott spots if that gives you any idea how big it is. And to everyone else, thanks for your replies so far.


Christine - October 28

what about a nanny job? lots of families need in home care for their child/chidren. that way you can work while you are pregnant and after the baby is born you can keep it with you while you work. some families let you live in or you can have your own place. i'm actually looking for a person to watch my kids part time, i have the extra space, but i'm in Maryland.


Christine - November 9

Hi Sandy, I emailed you back this morning. talk to you soon. :)


hi - November 9

try live in nanny, or apply for all the state aid u can get.... then after u have the baby it will be easy to find a job



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