Can I Change My Daughter S Last Name

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foofoo86 - June 27

My daughter is 11 months old. In MS, one has till the child is one year old to change their name. My question is this: The father and I were planning to get married so I gave my daughter his last name. Now things have completely gone down hill. He doesn't want to be involved and he'll come see his daughter once every couple weeks even though he lives no more than 15 minutes away. He's always asking me if I'm cheating and while I was pregnant, he said he wondered if my daughter was his since over the course of 2 years I hadn't gotten pregnant but then all of the sudden I did. So before I had my daughter and THE DAY SHE WAS BORN WHILE WE WERE IN THE HOSPITAL I asked him if he wanted to have a paternity test because I don't want him doubting me and i am 1000000% sure my daughter is his because he's the only man i've been with . HE SAID NO. He's never doubted her or said anything else about her not being his child until Sunday. As I said things have been ugly and we agreed that he should start paying child support, he had no objections. Then he says, I want a paternity test because I don't think she's my daughter. In MS, paternity test are required to receive child support. I'm angry because I asked him a year ago and he said no but now all of the sudden because of child support he doesn't believe my daughter is his child. Things haven't been going well at all and I found out that I am pregnant again (yes i was on birth control. my doctor prescribed me a medication even though he knew i was on birth control and i wasn't told that the medication would cancel out my birth control and it really didn't cross my mind to think about it happening. so while i was taking that medication, i became pregnant). Neither of us are happy about it, but I'm dealing with it. Because things have been so bad and as of now we aren't together, I want my daughter and the new baby to have my last name. He's on my daughter's birth certificate as the father and signed it. I'm wondering if I can change my daughter's last name myself or if we'll both have to agree for it to be changed. Or even if I can do it myself because paternity has not been determined but I know my daughter and this new baby are his children even though he's doubting both of them. I know he won't agree for it to be changed. PLease help sorry for this being so long.



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