Cant Stand The Father

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Laura - November 1

I cant stand the father of my unborn baby. If I dont put him on the birth certificate he will fight for a paternity test. At the end of our relationship he went a little crazy and started to destoy things in my home. Im scared that if he is on the birth certificate he will want joint custody and I couldnt stand that. He lives with his parents and while we were in a relationship he told me that his parents used to beat him when he was a little kid, I dont want my child in that sort of home ever. Should I cut him out of the picture completly??


Jenn - November 1

you tell me , i am in the same boat.. my bf put holes in the wall the day i kicked him out. god he lied about do you plan to cut him out completly? how far along are you..


Laura - November 1

Im 14 weeks, Im not really sure how im going to do it but I have thought about telling him that I miscarried even though I know thats really horrible I just feel that I have to go to those extremes. We live in different cities so its not likely that he will find out.


Jenn - November 1

thats what I was goin to do too. I am 13 weeks. Before I asked him to leave I was bleeding.I could play it that way too even get away with an abortion.. I know that word is taboo here but think about the frigin ha__sel i ll save myself..He called and wanted to come back. I really dont want him back.. Is ur pregnacy heathy so far? This baby s has a strong heartbeat, even though i was bleeding. I would love to keep this baby. time will tell.... I think he will find out, but not sure the rights of the dad at this early stage... dont think i am bad for thinking abortion ok i am thinking of whats best for all of us...


Laura - November 1

So far things are fine still havent heard a heartbeat but thats coz i have only had one scan at 6 weeks. Abortion can be the harder option I have known way too many people who have had one thinking they would be better off but then going through depression afterwards. Im not against abortion like most people on this site im pro-choice but I think abortion is a really difficult decision to make. Originally I was going to have an abortion because im still in university but then I thought about it and I knew that I can make this babys life a happy one. I have been talking to my friend who had a baby not that long ago and the father of her baby lost interest after 1 month so hopefully my ex-b/f will 2. How old are you? (If you dont mind me asking)


~Free2bme~ - November 1

To Jenn and Laura- Tell them that you miscarried or either you did not keep it because of the circ_mstances. And if they see you after you start showing simply tell them you are pregnant, but by someone else and for them to leave you the hell alone! Same goes for if they ever see you and the baby, tell them you got pregnant soon after ya'll broke up by another man! I don't think it is right to keep anyone away from their child, but if the men a violent it is the best thing for the child! Sometimes the best thing a father can do for their child is stay away! Good luck to you 2.


Laura - November 2

Yeah same for me my ex-b/f knows my due date. I dont think he would be violent with the child he would be a good father in terms of love but in every other respect he would be a bad one. He was never violent towards me just broke things which was scary and when I broke up with him he threatend to commit suicide and I think he would do it if I cut him out of the picture he said the only thing worth living for is this baby.


jenn - November 2

laura i know from my first marrage, breaking thins come first then if he gets mad enough itll be holes in the wall and perhaps broken arms like me.. I found out this the hard way, with my first marrage. still to this day scared to death of this guy i lived with for 14 yrs.. with the new x bf i seen red flags right away.. I knew he had to go , he already grabbed the same wrist that my ex broke out of anger about 3 weeks ago thats when i went back inside myself and found the strength the kick his a__s out of my house..... Its going to be tough to do this alone. Have you heard the babies heart yet.. when you hear that strong beat you know its going to be ok...:) as long as you dont get a sick feeling in your tummy.. I cried when i heard it.. its been 12 yrs since i heard that sound and felt these small flutters,, didnt miss the morning sickness though... but that all part of it, as in between puking I was telling my son this morning how much i loved him blahhhhh and have a great day at school... poor kid...


Jenn - November 2

I seen the x bf today, he grabbed me and kissed its supposed to change anything..came and got all his stuff.. first thing he did was went to in the truck to get some roaches... pothead thats all he thinks about..duh.. hmm imagine that.. then calls back and says is there no chance us getting together. i said the best thing is for us to be friends for the babys sake, leave it at that... so that was that, hes out the door and am free of all his stuff.. whew.. where is this going to lead me in my whirlwind path.. awwww .....another intial ill have to add to my feedom tattoo..:) ill never get old,.. Ill be too busy.... good thought.. hope your doing ok. j



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