Cant Stop Crying Today

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Tjane - March 30

Okay, so I have been crying all day, dont know what the root of it is but I cant stop it. I was seeing someone for a few months and back in October we broke up, i began sleeping with someone else and became pregnant. In December me and the first guy got back together (started in December) but he moved back in 2 weeks ago tomm, so I go home last Friday and hes gone, him and all this stuff is packed and gone. I dont know why but something told me to call this hotel he had pointed out when we drove by it (he told me he had stayed there when he first moved back into state until his apartment with his roomate was ready) and he had checked in that day.... I called several times and finally a few hours later he answered, at first he gave me some stupid excuse that he wanted to be back on that side of town and then after conversating for a while he told me he couldnt trust me but still wanted to be friends and I wasnt happy with that so I started asking a million questions and he hung up on me mad, I then call back later because I still wanted answers and we talked until he finally told me he didnt want to talk about it anymore and he truely loved me and still wanted to be my friend. I understand why he doesnt want to be with me and he has even reminded me of all the things I put aside to be able to be back with him and I am glad hes gone and Im glad he left when he did (before i have another child attached to him) and i honestly wouldnt take him back if he called. I cried for the weekend on and off and now I am more mad than anything else and yesterday i had to stay home with my daughter because she was sick and I didnt cry all day, I dreaded being home because I knew I would think about it but I never cried and now at work today I have been crying since early this morning when my manager came to me and asked me to re-do something(wasnt even in trouble) I just started balling.....The last time we talked was the night before last and thats when he said "were friends right, were cool" and i said "yeh i guess" and he said "youre gonna keep me posted right" (he wants me to give the baby a dna test once she is born since I slept with him for the last time 2 weeks before my conception date) but I am sure the baby is not his, and after I told him yeh, im gonna keep him posted he said good then thats all there is to talk about, theres nothing left, and i just said theres nothing and he says "well what else is there?" and all i could do was tell him i had to go bc i did not want him hearing me cry,... I cried and I cried but i was fine yesterday so why am I crying again? I wasnt even this upset when i went home and all his things and him were gone. Why am I so upset now? My friend came to my desk to say hi and ask me why i had not been to see her and I started to tell her ive just been upset and that set me off into balling again. I have a 6 year old to take care of and dont want her seeing me cry but I can not stop it. I try to think about the good things in my life and I try to think about what my baby feels when I am crying but I still cant stop, and its not just the break up, i cry about anything that anyone says to me.... Can someone tell me something to help me stop crying??? Is this normal pregnancy stuff? I wasnt this unhappy when I was alone before he and I started talking again why am I so unhappy alone now?? I dont mind being alone, I really dont but I can not stop crying......


Emma2 - March 30

Tjane- I am so sorry your going through this. It could be your hormones as well playing a big role. Please stay calm and look at the bright side you have a wonderful baby coming :)


Tjane - March 31

Thanks Emma, I am feeling better today. I think it was just my hormones. I dont know, yesterday was the worst day I have had since being pregnant.....Hope it doesnt come back.....


frankschick2001 - March 31

Hormones play a huge role in your not being able to control your crying. But it can also be that you are also feeling heartbroken, which would make anyone cry! (hugs)



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