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Becky - October 29

How can u tell when someone is cheating, what are the signs? i dont know if im just paronoid he is casue of all my hormones! does anyone else have this problem?


April - October 30

There's a really good thread somewhere on this website that lists a whoooole c___pload of signs... but I can't remember what it's called... you might want to do some searching. I had a boyfriend who cheated on me for 2 1/2 years. I kept going back because I was an idiot, but I eventually learned my lesson and left him. (Praise the Lord!). One of the things he used to do... was act REALLY jealous. When people are cheating, they don't trust themselves.. so they certainly don't trust you. If he accuses you of cheating.. he's probably cheating. Some say if he starts buying new clothes all of the sudden... or trying to make himself look better.. he might be cheating. One thing you want to be careful of... pregnancy is an emotional time for both partners... was he acting weird before or after you got pregnant? He might just be trying to deal with it.. so he's acting different than usual. Guys can be okay with a baby-on-the-way.. but still have emotional stuff to get through. Also... I haven't met one pregnant woman who hasn't had the thought of breaking up with her man if he wasn't doing enough for her. Maybe if you could name some of the things you think are suspicious I could help a bit more. I'm really drawing a blank on most of my "cheating knowledge" right now... haha.


Alisha - November 28

1. he smells like perfume. 2. even if he doesn't smell like perfume ask him, "you smell so good, kind of feminine. i like it. ... what/? is that your deodrant?" If he looks guilty...... 3. he starts working out 4. he lies about where he is going. 5. he looses interest in having s_x with you. 6. CHECK HIS PHONE. her number is probably somewhere hidden in that phone! 7. he brings home an STD you know you didn't give him. 8. he suddenly has to work late all the time.


g - December 3

Sorry for you girls who went through this. I to kept taking my ex back and we just broke up for good this time. All of what you said of the signs are so true! I even found a hicki mark and he said it was from work -a tray! Yeah and thats believable!Perfect lip marks. Well good luck to all.



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