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?? - May 24

i am 13 wks preg and the baby's father lives 2hrs away he wants to have nothing to do w/ me and says he is getting back w/ his ex who he already has a child w/? i am thinking about having an abortion or just runinnig away. because my family is not supportive and do not know i am preg. any way i don't know what to do ?? and i don't want to choose adoption.


April - May 24

Why not adoption? It's definitely better than abortion! Why do you say your family is supportive? How do you know when you haven't told them yet? When I was first pregnant I was soooo scared to tell my mom because I thought she was going to yell at me.. she did exactly the opposite... she was sooooooooooo happy that she was going to be a grandma... she's been the most supportive person ever since, and we're closer now than we've ever been. Plus, your child will be worth it... think about all the love you have to give.. that your child will give back to you... that's the main thing I was excited about... I have all this love to give, and now I have someone to give it to... who actually deserves it... not some selfish undeserving guy!


Cheryl - May 26

Please reconsider the adoption option. There are so many families who would love to adopt and you could be the one to fulfill their dream. Adoption can be such a blessing for YOU and your baby as well as the family you choose. I know several families who are looking to adopt including mine. If you have any questions about adoption or just want to talk you can email me at [email protected] My sons birthmom was thinking about abortion and then she chose life. She gets to watch him grow up and she is so happy she didn't abort. She would never have been able to see his beautiful smile and hear his cute little voice. Please consider your options carefully. Once you abort you can NEVER go back. NEVER is FOREVER.


Mary Thompson - June 20

I just spoke with a woman in a similar situation- Check this video clip out on high speed internet: then open the Mary's Save link - you will need high speed internet. You deserve better than abortion!!


Hopeless - June 21

I have a girlfriend that is in a somewhat similar situation. She is young and still in love with someone who doesn't love her and just found out she's pregnant. Although I am PRO-Life, I tried not to impose my views on her because ultimately she is going to be the one left with the baby 24/7. I did tell her what I believed and will say the same to you. If you didn't want to get pregnant you should have never taken the gamble. No birth control is 100%. You have to accept your responsibility. Running away is not going to solve your problem. You may be able to find the support you need... reconnect with God and trust that He will put the right people in your path that will be able to help you. As I advised a young lady on a separate Q&A.... God won't bring you to something that He won't see you through. You just have to have faith and believe that. Good luck to you.



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