Confused About Father

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annoyed mom - August 28

My daughter is 18 months old and her father has had nothing to do with her ever.When i told him that he was her father, he didnt have much to say but when my mom talked to him he told her he wanted to sign up his rights to her if she was his.It upset me but since i didnt have the money for a dna test ive decided to go through the attorney general.I finally got papers saying they were going to send me court papers and when the dna test comes back and she is his, he says that he wants to take her on weekends just like his other kids but im not too sure i want him to.He has missed out on so much of her life because he says he doesnt want to get attached to a baby thats not his.I only had s_x with him so im positive she is his but she is calling my husband daddy and i dont want to confuse her so i dont know what to do.How do i bring it upon her and will she understand even know she is young?


kathy - August 28

sperm dont make a dad, if ur husband is there for her and provides for her loves her, then hes a the dad. so i think that u should let ur husband be her dad, and if he want to sign hes rights away, let him, and have ur husband adopt her good luck thats what my dad did to me


bump - August 29


annoyed mom - August 30

Im not sure if he wants to still sign over his rights.I think it was just his wife talking in the other ear.If he decides he wants to see her would it be too much to ask if he just has her call him Mike instead of daddy?I dont want to sound selfish but i think it would be for her good just in case he decides not to be there after a while.


kimmy - August 30

i think that your child can call him what ever she want, and feels comfortable (sp)? with, if mike then is mike, but if is dad its dadd, i aslo think that is ok for a child to call two sets of parents dad. good luck


April Marie McIntyre - October 5

hey , my daughter biological dad raped me , my girl is 18 months now, and he has seen her a couple of times (it was an aquaintance rape, he washigh) with my hubby and me there , but the thing is in pa he dont have any rights unless HE takes ME to court for them due to i got married while i was pregnant, the state automatically transferred all his rights to myhubby, so you may want to see if you even have to get a test or if he will even have rights in your state, he would not in pennsylvania. good luck.



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