Confused On Who The Father Is

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iimsooflyx0 - June 14

Hi .. well I just turned 18 and Im about 30 weeks pregnant. And Im so confused about who the father is... I was going out with this guy and we had s_x Nov.28 & Nov.30... and when i found out i was pregnant i never doubted he was the father. Well according to my first sonogram my due date was August 31st.. so I still figured he was the father. Well i was with another guy around Nov.12 & 14th.. and now my doctor is saying my due date is August 24th. Soo now im crushed... i had everybody (all my friends, my PARENTS, his parents) thinking it was my ex boyfriends.. now it may be somebody else's. i dont kno what to do what do u think


LillyBell - June 14

Oh dear! Well, is the other guy still in your life? It looks as if you only have 2 choices (that I can think of): 1. Continue with the a__sumption that you are having your ex-boyfriends baby or 2. Get a paternity test. I would want the paternity test... for my own piece of mind.


Tjane - June 15

Okay, I went to this website where you can calculate your dates backwards, meaning you put your duedate in and it tells you estimated date of conception and all that, I put in the due date of 11/24/06 it says you conceived on 12/1/05 which would line up with when you slept with your boyfriend (11/28 and 11/30) now this is not set in stone but as long as your due date is accurate and doesnt get changed through your pregnancy this should be correct.... I will post the website......


Tjane - June 15

And let me just add according to this if you conceived around 11/12 or 11/14 then your duedate would be 8/7/06. SO, I really wouldnt worry about it!!!!


dsmom - July 21

you should have been aunest at first but its not to late , being straight forward is so freeing, and it might be scary but it s better that hidding it..with me im 99.9% positive that its my ex.s because the dates, but that dosnt let the fact go that you were with someone else,,,,when i found out i was pregnant i found out the date i concieved and even though it pointed to be my exs when i told him i also told him that ther e is a .1% chance its someone elses so I didnt have to hide it, I thought about just saying oh well , but then I had nightmeres about the baby coming out and looking nothing like him,,,,,that was more terrifying then telling everyone, including my parents that was the hardest thing a i ever had to do...All you really can do is get a paternity test if you still have doubts after the birth,, and remeber the due date is only an estimate, the baby could be early or late,,,,,it just depends on when he/she want to come out,,,



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