Curious What My Black White Baby Girl Will Look Like

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Sasha's Mommy - August 30

I am a dark-skinned back woman and my boyfriend is blond with blue eyes. My mother has a lot of Native American lineage on her side of the family and my boyfriend's grandfather is Puerto Rican. I'm curious what my beautiful unborn baby girl may look like?


Aishah - August 30

Im a medium lite black woman with cuban and white background and the father of my child is puertorican/brazilian. Im pretty sure the baby will be pretty regardless but I hope he looks brown like me rather than the pale white that his father is lol. I tell him all the time he needs a tan :D


Sasha's Mommy - August 31

I tell my boyfriend he needs to sunbathe all the time because he's so pale! I know my daughter will be beautiful but i don't want her to be too light because with me being dark-skinned, i don't want people to wonder if she's someone elses child.


To TARA - August 31

Here is your post on the other thread,seems like you already know the answer. So what's the point of this new thread. I smell a rat and I do not think this a "newbie". Please stop trolling,or at least make it less obvious. Name: Tara | Date: August 30, 2005, 16:02 Answer: I am a dark-skinned black woman and my husband is white whith blue eyes and blond hair. Our daughter, Sasha, is very light-skinned with freckles, blue eyes and blond hair. Anything is possible. "


Sasha's Mommy - September 1

My daughter Sasha is 3 yrs. old. She and her unborn sister do not have the same father. i am speaking of two different men. I was wondering about this child's looks because she will have Puerto Rican in her blood also. She may not have the same blond hair and blue eyes as her sister. i am not "trolling" as you say. Im seeing if maybe someone with Hispanic, black and white descent can help me verify in a way,thank you very much.


Aishah - September 1

Im expecting a honey skinned baby with curlish hair, maybe some finer features but thats about it. If he comes out looking like his dad ima fall on the ground because his dad is lite like mark anthony lite.


Sasha's Mommy - September 1

Aishah, when is your baby due and what will you name him?


aisha - September 4

My baby's due on the 24th of this month. Not sure about the name. Baby daddy wants Omar Elijah but Im not feeling it at all so i dunno


Sasha's Mommy - September 4

Aishah, Congradulations Mommy!!!! I'm due Oct.17, can't wait!!! Elijah is really cute, it's a nice middle name.


Aisha - September 4

I guess its cutish but I wanted Elias which is the arabic version of Elijah and the spanish version. My babys daddy has not been there for me through out this pregnancy and I accepted it cause we are in 2 sepaate states and i werent moving to him and he werent moving to me but I said lets go for a name that we both like. He always wanted his first tobe called omar elijah but i feel that seeing as he werent there for me ..he doesnt get to decide the name. the baby will have his last name so whats the deal with the rest. Anyways like i said to my friend today when the baby comes ill look at him and see what he looks like. if he looks like an elias then ima call him that..if he looks like an omar then ill do that also :-)



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