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NewMom - February 10

Well I had my baby not too long ago, well my and my boyfriend argue all the time and he is planning on buying a house soon. He thought I was gonna move in but I told him its better that I dont, and for me to continue living with my mom. We just dont get along and argue all the time and dont think that is healthy for the baby. His argument was that its not good for our baby to be raised with just one parent and have to go from one place to another to see each parent. But I think its much unhealthier if our daughter saw us fighting all the time. Well anyways he is mad because of this. So today he came to my house wanting to take the baby to his house but not me. My daughter is 3 weeks old and I said no because she cant go without me because she is little. And so he got mad and said that he is going to take her away from me. That he will get custody of her because he works and is going to buy a home and Im still a student and living at home with my mom. Can he do this? We had the argument yesterday and today he came buy trying to take her, I know he did this because he was mad but can he really take her away since he is more stable than me?


new mon - February 18

i am not sure but i would contact a lawyer and by the way file for chidl support you deserve it and he is not living in the house my ex threatened that when i left he tried i fought and won


melissa - February 18

contact a lawyer or your local department of social services, they should be able to help you out with basic information. Stability in the home life is what is most often looked at when the court has to decide which parent the child is going to live with. I believe that dosen't matter that you live at home with your mom and go to school. I think it just matters who can give the child the most stable home.


NOPE - February 18

That is one of the hardest things in the United States is to take a child away from the mother, UNLESS she is unfit!! Dont let it bother you, get child support and get the financial help for your child! God bless!


M - February 18

NOPE is right is almost impossible to take the child away from the mother!!!!


April - April 20

the court is going to look at what is best for the child... being that your baby is that small i highly doubt he could take her away from you. Even though you do not have your OWN home.. you are living with your mother which IS a stable environment, plus you have someone else there who can help you, so that's a plus. As long as you don't do anything that he can prove you an unfit mother to the courts, you should be fine...



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