Dad Who S Rather Not Be

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Sprinkles - November 13

Well ... this baby was a surpise to me and the father of the child is not someone I date or see on a regular basis ... so Yesterday I told him i was expecting and his response to me was to get an abortion... I feel a little bitter about this and a part of me feels like if a man can suggest an abortion to a woman then she should be able to have any rights he would have to this child removed. I am just kinda venting I guess but I found his response so callus and insenstive! Is anyone else going through this?


rr6436 - November 13

Not exactly but when I told my dad to be that I was pregnant and it was his he told me "You choose to get pregnant so you are going to do this all alone". So I can understand how you are feeling. Sometimes I wonder if it would be best to not involve him in my son's life once he is born.


Sprinkles - November 13

Well Thats kind of how i feel .. if he wanted me to take this baby and abort it then he should not have the luxury of changing his mind later. Because had I done it .. he couldnt change his mind then so why should he after the baby is born and i did it all alone...


Baliezer - November 13

I would go to his place of work and make a big scene. This would be a great retaliation method because he has to see these people everyday. Then I would try and contact his mother for moral support. Make sure you use lots of tears. That should make you feel better!


lunamoo - November 14

Geez Baliezer what advice...and don't for get to bring a shot gun when you go to his place of work.... Anyway, being told you will be a father when it was unexpected can be "bad" news at first and therefore a man might react without thinking things through. But try to not be so severe in your judgement.. You say he should "not have the luxury of changing is mind." Why the heck not!?!? When a woman falls unexpectedly pregnant and at first thinks to abort and then changes her mind, does she not deserve the "luxury" of changing her mind to become a mother...? Think about it.


Baliezer - November 14

That's a great idea lunamoo!! I never thought about the shot gun. I'll bet he changed his mind aboutIt was ment to cheer her up, we all have our "Men are Pigs" moments. Hope you didn't take it too seriously.


lunamoo - November 16

Phew Baliezer : )


Jessio - November 16

Hi Sprinkles, so sorry that you are going through this. I am going through the same thing, although i was with my boyfriend for three years and he said he always wanted a baby with me....until i actually became pregnant. That was nearly three months ago and he told me last week that he has found someone new who he has feelings for and he is trying to bully me in to having an abortion by saying if i dont he will take me to court because in his words "I wont be a fit mother anyway". This is because I have suffered with depression at times. It really hurts and I am so angry although i try not to be for the sake of my baby. So I just want you to know that even though there are no easy answers,there are so many of us going through the same thing and I wish you the best of luck luck with your pregnancy.


Sprinkles - November 16

Hi Jessio! You know not everyone would agree with what i did - but after all this aggrevation what I did was IMPLY to him i was going to go ahead and not have the baby ...meanwhile I am definatly keeping the baby but i figure we are better off without him anyway and i am not going to go through the aggrevation of dealing with this loser for 18 yrs Forget that! I'll do it alone .. I have an 11 yr old that i raised alone so I have plenty of experience!


Sprinkles - November 16

to address lunamoo ... I don't judge other people who are not directly in my life - If another woman thinks abortion before keeping the baby then thats fine for her - I however did not even consider the abortion so I can hold him to those standards because I am living by them. What other people do is their business I know plenty of women who consider the other options then change their mind (or not) and that is their business but when dealing with me and the child growing me I feel he should have used a little more tact instead of the way he went about it - he was trying to threaten me into getting an abortion and anyone who knows me knows I dont respond well to that. As far as I am concerned instead of aborting the baby I have aborted him - and he is no longer a concern to me


Franny - November 17

Yikes, now you are implying (lying) to your ex and saying you will abort his child...How will you explain this one to your child?


Sprinkles - November 17

Yeah not everyone will agree with my decision and maybe later on I will change my mind - But for right now I can't deal with him or any added stress so I am agreeing with what he keeps pushing on me to do - so he is happy and BEST of all Silent I do what i want in the end anyway- Who knows if i will change up in the future but for right now I want to be left alone



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