Daddy Keeps Changing His Mind

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"SoConfused" - February 14

I'm 27 and 7 weeks pregnant. I've known for three weeks now, and in that short time, my boyfriend has broken up with me, came back to me and broken up with me again. This past Monday his work called me when he did not show up and asked where he was. I had not talked to him since the previous Thursday and I was so worried for him. Then today, V-day, I found out he took another girl to Vegas for a weekend vacation because he is officially "over me" and that is why he did not go to work Monday...having too much fun in Vegas I guess?! (By the way, I have no idea how he can afford Vegas. He has no money. He should be saving his pennies for this baby!). I am having such a hard time dealing with this. I'm emotional to begin with~ and going through a breakup (again) and being pregnant for the first time~ is just too much for me to handle. Has anyone gone through a similar situation? I need to know others have survived. I am so scared to go through this alone.


nikol - February 14

I am 27 also and I am five months pregnant and single. This breakup happened two weeks ago and it's friggen hard. I find myself crying myself to sleep most nights. Today is especially hard because it's Valentines Day so I know how you feel. Often I think of how I will get through this and it seems impossible. I've been told by many other people on this forum that have been in this position that it will get better and it's true. Time can heal. It's good you found this website because it will help you so much to know others are out there that have survived this. This happens to more women than you think. It sounds like your man has been scared off, it happens alot. How old is he? I don't want to give you false hope but it sounds like he just got freaked out and is trying to get one last bit of male immaturity out. There's no way a guy can date a girl and be over her that fast. How long had you guys been dating for? I think it's possible that some day sooner or later he'll realize what an a__s he's been and try to get back together with you. This may or may not happen. Whatever the outcome, I hope you feel better soon. :)


ashchik - February 14

as soon as you girls see your little bubs you will forget all about your ex blokes and be focused on your baby!!!


April - February 14

WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE GUYS?!?! Ugh.. it makes you just SICK doesn't it? Here's the short version of what my ex did to me... we lived together for about a year, toward the end found out I was pregnant, lived together for 3 more months (he avoided me the entire time), moved out of our apartment back in with each of our parents, broke up a month later (I was 4 months pregnant), and 3 months after THAT he got engaged to a 19-year-old who won't let him talk to me. I'm 23 and he's 28, by the way. Needless to say he avoided me during my entire pregnancy, and still isn't around much. Funny thing is, I couldn't care less. It hurts that my daughter has a father who doesn't ever come see her, but it's probably better that way. No way would I want someone like him influencing her. So don't worry... this is an emotional time for you (as it was for me when I was going through it), but it DOES get better. Once your baby gets here, what your ex did won't even matter anymore. And don't think of this as going through it alone.. because you are NEVER alone. You've got this amazing little baby inside who is going to love you like you've never been loved before.. and trust me.. it's AWESOME. I can't even describe it. I just know that when my baby girl looks at me I can see AND FEEL how much she loves me.



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