Daddys Going On Dates I M Singin The Blues

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COLLEEN084 - May 23

Yes yes I have posted on here before about how I need to just get over it but the wound keeps getting reopened. So latest news is that me and the ex have been trying the "friend" thing for our daughters sake...theres only 2 weeks left till shes born! Well I thought I could handle hanging out with him...we did dinner and a movie the other night. When we hang out, theres never any drama and usually a lot of laughs. We get along splendidly as friends, at least I think so. Well thats all fine and dandy but the fact that we get on so well makes me want him back...which makes me think being friends is not going to work for me. Its so sad b/c I know thats whats best for our little girl. A friend of mine saw him at a movie last night w/another girl. Which was devastating to hear for me. I feel like "Why is he trying to start something new, when he has the mother of his child and there were no real "problems" other than me getting pregnant?" I feel like he just wants his cake and eat it too. Where he can live the "double" lifestlye of having his bachelor pad but also have his sweet daughter and mommy on the side too. Obviously I wouldnt dare be stupid enough to sleep with him or make moves of desperation, but how do I get over the emotional baggage of a breakup when I'm contstantly faced with the man??


Teddyfinch - May 23

well, seeing him even as friends seems to be the problem. you're right. it does sound like he wants to live both lives, but you can't let him do that. you need to tell him that he's gotta be the father to your child or leave and don't come crawling back. i really think stopping seeing him would be the only way. it'll be hard, but once you have the baby, you'll have enough on your mind to keep him out of it.


Skyeblue - May 25

Sorry Teddy I didn't understand your advice....He IS trying to be a father and friends with Colleen.... The problem is that Colleen still has feelings for him...which I guess only time will cure. Do you have anyone to help you the first few weeks after birth...?


lornylorn - May 25

Hello Colleen, Your situation sounds horribly similar to mine. My due date is June 2nd so baby could come any time now. My partner and I had been together for over 7 years but when i fell pregnant he left me at 9 weeks. Within weeks he'd got back together with an ex and called me selfish and childish for not having an abortion. I'm 33 and know that I would have regretted doing that for the rest of my life. Anyway i was adamant that we should do our best to stay friends and with time we seem to have managed it. He's no longer with the other girl but he doesn't seem to want me back. I've moved away to be nearer my family and am now 3hrs drive away. We visit each other often at weekends and get on really well. I still love him and feel so lost and lonely without him, I guess it's better to be apart and not arguing but right now it doesn't feel like it. The closer I get to having this baby the more confused and scared I am. He let me down badly when I needed him most but I'd still take him back - that makes me feel foolish and week. I'm hoping that with time I'll get stronger and learn to cope without him, I know I can do better and find someone who will treat me with the respect I deserve. I'm just finding it hard to let go. I still think it's better for our son that we stay friends I guess for me it's going to get harder before it gets better. It's daunting facing motherhood alone but we have to be strong for our own sakes. I'm here if you need to have a moan, it's kinda comforting knowing that others are getting through a similar situation. xx


meowmeowpaws - May 25

I too am in a situation almost identical to yours. Only difference is, I'm due in 10 weeks and he told me himself that he was "talking" to someone. I keep telling myself it's the hormones that keep me emotionally attached to him. But then I wonder what will happen when I don't have the hormones making every decision for me and he's actually visiting our daughter. Seeing him more often is going to hurt, a lot. It's hard enough to see him now, knowing he doesn't want me but settles for less than what I could give him. I actually have no advice for you because I still don't understand it myself. When one of you ladies figure out how to cope, make sure you get in touch with me.


Cat24 - May 27

colleen i know it sounds kinda harsh but you can't force a guy to love you and want you to be his girlfriend over the sake of having a baby together. you seem to blame him a bit for not wanting to have a girlfriend/boyfriend relationship with you. it may well be that you get on really well but he obviously sees it as just a friendship thing and nothing more. it must be really hard to hear that he is seeing another woman/women but at the end of the day colleen its better that he is only with you for YOU and not with you for the sake of the baby. he would only end up resenting you further down the line if he felt pressured to have a relationship with you. my advice would be to not do any chasing after him. if you want to see him for a friendly outing then so be it, but remember that although it might seem ideal to you to be with the father, its not what he seems to really want. you would appreciate being with a man who loves you for you and isnt with you because you have a kiddie together and he felt forced into it. good luck!


COLLEEN084 - May 27

Skyeblue is right, he IS trying to be a father and a friend but I DO still having feelings for him...unfortuantly. And Cat, while I appreciate all your rationality, getting over a breakup with someone you still care for is hard...but when you are raising their little baby it makes things even harder. But I do still understand what you are getting at. Anyways, I am so glad to hear from lornylorn and meowmeow paws since it sounds like you can both completely relate!


prettyeyecc - May 27

ladies... i am in the same boat as well.. just saw my kids father on friday riding around with his supposed ex... well after b___hing over and over he finally told me the truth that he is with her (after lying to me for 3 years).. sometimes things happen for a reason.. and some things are just not meant to be.. be happy for your beautiful baby and it will probably be easier if you give yourself a lil time to get over him - which is prob best done without seeing him.. i am 11 weeks preg and my emotions are running wild.. feel like i cry more than i am able to take a breath.. But i do hope things get better for all of us :)


meowmeowpaws - May 27

For the ladies that have read this and replied, I have a question. What happens if things don't get better? I keep hearing that things will be so much better after our babies are born but what if they don't? What if we still feel strongly about our baby's fathers especially when we see them being fathers (in some cases)? I've been told to hang in there for a couple more months and then I'll be the happiest person alive when my baby is born. Obviously, I think that part is true but will I still have him running through the back of my mind? I really hope not to care about him this way some day but it's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel sometimes.


COLLEEN084 - May 28

meowmeow paws: I know EXACTLY what you're saying. All this time I keep hearing "Just wait till your little angel comes and you'll feel much better." Well I know I'll be extatic to meet her but I'm a little skeptical that it will help me get over my ex! Especially since he IS going to be a big part in her life. I'm gonna be faced w/ seeing him holding, loving and caring for our little girl and I don't see how that can do ANYTHING but make me love him more! I mean, so many mothers describe how much more they fall in love with their hubby/partner/whatever when they see them with their baby....who's to say this wont happen to us? Who knows...but one thing I do that helps me is repeat the Serenity Prayer anytime I'm feeling low "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference." Basically, I tell myself the only thing I have control over is making myself the best person I can be and hope that also will equate to having someone loving in my life eventually. Hope this helps.



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