Dating 5 Months And 8 Wks Pregnant

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Tara - February 27

I am 33 and he is 39. First pregnancy for both of us. We have been dating for 5months, the first month was great, the next 2 were a bit rocky, and the most recent moth was amazing. (I changed my behavior when I realized he was the guy for me). Just found out I am pregnant. He is on the fence, wants to do what will keep us together, knowing that having a baby early increases the risk of divorce, but also doesn't want me to feel that he doesn't love me enough. We are both financially stable, educated, but have always planned everthing (except this-went off the pill because a gyn told me, I wasn't producing estrogen and he wanted it to come back, got pregant 3 days after coming off the pill). Any advice please.


advice for what? - February 27

what kind of advice do you want? You haven't said anything that needs advice. You met someone, your happy & stable, you got pregnant and he wants to make it work. So what do you want advice about?


Tara - February 27

I would like peoples opinion about what to do. I would prefer advice from people who are around my age, and who have no moral problems about abortion. Basically, I feel this is quite a rushed situation, and am not sure if I should have a pregnancy direct the natural flow of things in our relationship. It might not be a good idea to bring a child in this world when we are not emotionally ready as a couple.


Sara - February 27

well have you talked to him about it what does he think about the whole matter? If your not emotionaly ready for this then there is no reason to continue with something your not emotionally ready. Pregnancy causes stress and if your not emotionally stable by your self or as a couple things may fall apart. It all depends on what you BOTH decide is best if you both want to see through this then good, if your both hesitant about this well then try to figure out what step needs to be taken. Im not one to promote abortion i like to lean more toward adoption just because there are several couples out there that can not concieve and would love to have a child. But it depends on what your confortabel with if your ok with abortion then conceder it, if your ok with adoption conceder it and if you are ok with keeping it then keep it. Ultimitly its up to the both of you. lots of couples have children after knowing each other for not the longest time and do just fine. Depends on the people


anita - February 27

Hi, Tara. True, things are moving kind of fast, but maybe this pregnancy is a blessing in disguise. Since you're already 33 ( i'm not saying thats old, i'm almost 30), it may not be that easy to get pregnant when you actually consider yourself "ready". It seems to me like you have everything in order to provide adequate care for this child now; even without this man's help. I am not against abortion (in fact i've had one myself, but i was young and incapable of raising my child on my own if need be), but i don't hink its right for your situation (i'm a__suming you do want children eventually, you just weren't expecting this now). I think you should view this as a pleasant surprise and just roll with it. If the relationship is meant to be, it'll survive this...and if it doesn't, you go a beautiful child ouit of it. Good Luck, and keep us posted.



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